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Comic Book Movie Hotties Tribute Video!

As the  results of the 2016 Summer box office have recently indicated, superheroes in film ain't goin' anywhere. This is hardly shocking news, even if we've seen certain caped crusaders go through a bit of a rough patch this year. Still, superheroes and supervillains taking over the big screen is a dream for the vast majority of movie goers....
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Jennifer Garner looks purr-fectly gorgeous at Nine Lives premiere

It must be nice to be a man, if the man in question is Ben Affleck. Because Ben has developed a career as a writer and director in addition to being an actor, he's never going to have to worry about being seen in an aging, greying, decaying state and will pull babes as young as his daughters in a few years because men with power can get anything they want. What's great is that he's no longer...
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Jennifer Garner flaunts her heavenly body on Fallon

You couldn't pay me enough to watch MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN , but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the media coverage that has surrounded one of its stars, the lovely Jennifer Garner . While stopping by "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday, Garner showed us yet again just how much Ben Affleck f*cked up when he couldn't make it work with this gorgeous lady. While I don't subscribe to the...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Top 6 Hottest Twins In Movies

What guy hasn't had a fantasy or 40 about twins? That's one of those taboo things we probably shouldn't want to get involved with, but really, really do anyway. We can't help it. Why should we stick with just one good thing, when we can have two? Seems like a no-brainer to me. See if the following list gets your brain working overtime below. Have any...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Top 6 Hottest Hotties Named Jennifer

Why is it there are so many hot Jennifer's running around Hollywood? Probably the same reason there are so many hot Mary's or Amber's or Kelly's. Hard to go wrong with a Jennifer though. Chances are excellent a woman going around with that moniker is probably pretty damn hot. Such is certainly the case for the 6 Jennifer's we got lined up for you today. See which...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Female Assassins

I suppose if you have to get taken out, like if you just ripped off the mob or you just want to snuff it before the cancer eats you alive, one could do worse than being taken out by a hottie. I'd put that one down on any list of the best ways to check out. Obviously the preferred method of hottie assassination would be to get lucky with the femme fetale who is actually a hit woman...
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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Movie Hotties in Lingerie!

Since the late nineteenth century, visually appealing undergarments have played a pivotal role in the entertainment of humankind. Even before moving pictures existed, villagers and townsfolk would pay good coin to be teased by the high kicks of burlesque dancers, flashing their stockings and decorated pantyhose. Throughout many decades of cinema history, lingerie has...
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Jennifer Garner still has the goods at the premiere of Danny Collins

I've taken my time getting around to being a fan of Jennifer Garner . Sure, she's cute when she's playing doofy young things like in 13 GOING ON 30 and she's believably strong as a heroine in stuff like DAREDEVIL or ELECTRA but it's been her knack at delivering wickedly dark humour with those cherubic dimples that really nails it for me. BUTTER brought me over to the Garner side. It was as...
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BOTB Family Movie Babes: Carla Gugino vs Heather Graham vs Jennifer Garner

Most of you are rather into the supposed equine beauty of Jessica Chastain, who got the most positive feedback from last week's battle of the thriller/horror babes. (I don't think Cooke looks all *that* frightening with her head shaved and the more power to her for being brave enough to go through with it.) This week I plan on not seeing ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY...
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Jennifer Garner sells her new movies with dimpled milfness

Most of the time when you watch movies about popular girls, they're beautiful but mean as shit. I get the impression that Jennifer Garner would have been the girl to break that mold. Not only does she come off like a total cheerleader/popular girl type, she manages to do it while seeming as if she gained the youth vote by being a truly good and decent person. Considering that...
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Face Off: Keri Russell vs. Jennifer Garner

Pretty solid win for Olivia Munn over Kaley Cuoco in last week's Face Off . You'll get no arguments from me. Kaley is no slouch as a hottie, but I think Liv outclasses her just a tad. Keri Russell is starring in the next installment of the PLANET OF THE APES this week, helping to take a franchise I always found rather cheesy and transform it into an impressive set of sci-fi action...
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Jennifer Garner looks amazing at the L.A. premiere of Draft Day

For someone who's going to turn 42-years old next week as well as being the mother to 3 children under the age of ten, Jennifer Garner looks better than she did even when she was at the height of her young babedom. If anything is going to get me to go see the movie DRAFT DAY, it'll be Garner, who might not always have been the sexiest bombshell on the block but who has consistently been a...
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