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Jennifer Lopez brings a nice shade of blue jeans booty to her show

I haven't seen Jennifer Lopez's show Shades of Blue , nor do I plan to do so. It's yet another one of those shows I lump into that 90% to 95% of television programming I find as dry and dull as the open desert. It's a cop show, which means it probably follows a whole slew of formulaic approaches to the genre repeated again and again by shows across all the major networks, frequently...
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The power of Jennifer Lopez's booty compels you to vote

No matter how the ax falls, I am going to be so stinking happy when it's November 9th and people can finally calm the f*ck down about politics in the US. I'm not advocating one side or the other, I'd just like to see social media go back to its usual state of cat videos, baby pictures, fanboy rants dictating how pop culture has once again failed them and chicks in racy outfits simply for the...
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Jennifer Lopez showcases her famous booty in some snug leggings

When designers are working on a new line of spandex – or any form of tight leggings – do they put them through a series of durability tests? Is a notoriously large ass, like the one attached to Jennifer Lopez , taken into account? It makes me think of a scene from THE HUDSUCKER PROXY, where the only thing stopping Paul Newman from falling to his demise was the strength of the...
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BOTB Divorced Babes: Halle Berry vs Jennifer Lopez vs Paula Patton

It was a fairly easy choice for movie goers to pick up the new BLAIR WITCH movie, bringing it in at second place for the past box office weekend but it was a little harder for you to come to a consensus over who was the hotter witch in last week's battle. It came down to a tie between Emmy Rossum and Eva Green, although there were a few of you who claimed that it was impossible to pick...
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Jennifer Lopez figured out one way to boost the ratings on her new TV show

I was under the impression that Jennifer Lopez's cop drama, "Shades of Blue," didn't perform that well in its first season. However, judging by the fact that the cast is back on set, shooting the second season with an expected air date of January 2017, I suppose such is not the case. If JLo herself is worried about it, she's being rather proactive on the matter, making sure that her...
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Jennifer Lopez celebrates 47 years of lasting hotness

At age 47, Jennifer Lopez can now reword one of her famous handles from: 'Jenny from the block' to 'Jenny, been around the block.' In fact, she's been around the block more than a few times. That's the only way you can explain her success in keeping those scrumptious thighs in such good shape; she's been running around said block. No one, even a celebrity with...
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Jennifer Lopez has been trading booty shots for booby shots lately

While I sometimes wonder where the hell Jennifer Lopez gets all of her money, I'm never uncertain about how hot she can be when putting those dollars to work. Lopez's latest triumph was being a judge on "American Idol" during the show's lowest ratings ever, putting out music that people use for parody videos and bombing every major motion picture that has put her in the lead the past 12...
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Jennifer Lopez buying off the rack

Beyond some revealing views of Jennifer Lopez's delectable, and obviously unsupported, breasts; the thing I find most intriguing about these pics is the elevated angle. Not low enough to be ground-level, not high enough to be taken from the second floor - leaving only two possible explanations. Either a security camera - capable of capturing decent quality images and loves famous...
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Face Off: Jennifer Aniston vs. Jennifer Lopez

It was Charlize Theron over Emily Blunt for last week's Face Off . They're two gorgeous women, which always makes the decision process more difficult. I think ya'll still made a fair assessment. Emily is amazing and will always be one of the great beauties of her time. But Charlize is a just a whole other ball game. She's like royalty. She just has to be hailed. So Jennifer...
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Jennifer Lopez's butt sparkles like a great big, beautiful jewel

I wonder what will become of Jennifer Lopez once American Idol blessedly exits the airwaves for all time? That can't come too soon, but poor J-Lo. She's gonna be left with nothing but hundreds of millions of dollars and pretty much anything she could ever want at her fingertips 24/7. Let's all wish her the best in this time of uncertainty. You know, it's fascinating how after all these...
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Jennifer Lopez brings out that booty to begin putting Idol to bed forever

So nice to hear they're finally putting down American Idol for good, something they should have done years ago. That's Fox for you. Make it to the top of the ratings a few times and they'll keep renewing your show till the end of time. Garner mild ratings from a niche of rabid fans and they'll cancel your ass before the 1st season is over. I think we all know what show I'm getting at....
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BOTB Bad Cops: Gina Carano vs Jennifer Lopez vs Rosie Perez

I thought it might be hard for you to pick if I had three hottie icons for a battle and it turns out I was right. The votes for the hottest babe of biblical films were separated by only one vote each with Jennifer Connelly besting Monica Bellucci by one who bested Michelle Pfeiffer by one. I aim to pick women who can go toe to toe and get a rise out of you guys, kind of how John...
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