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Top 6 Most Prudish Hotties (video)

One of the more frustrating things about hotties like the 6 we have lined up for you this week, is their tendency to show so much without ever really showing anything. You'd think being so frequently seen with boobs bulging from garments or bikinis barely hanging on to perfect bodies, might make following through and getting naked for reals no big deal. They've shown most of it already,...
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Flashback Friday: Musing on Jennifer Love Hewitt's early hottie days

I got to thinking about how long it's been since we had any reason to post pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt . It was a thought prompted by a factoid I read somewhere which mentioned, rather insensitively, how Jennifer has never done a movie with a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Makes me wonder if her recent absence around here and those generally poor ratings are related somehow....
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Top 6 Hottest Party Girls In Movies

Party girls: just a Solo cup and a few jello shots away from making all your dreams com true. Everybody loves the girls who are down for party and that goes double for the girls who party down in the movies. Here are a few movie party girls we like the most. Can you think of any other girls you'd like to party with? What other kinds of things would you like to do with a...
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Top 6 Modern Horror Hotties

Horror movies and hotties. They go together like milk and cookies and look just as tasty. After all, it can't all be about monsters and psychos hacking people to death. You gotta break that up with the occasional T&A segue. Here we got 6 hotties who do just that in their own special ways. See who made our horrific list below. Any other horror hotties...
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Lacey Chabert and her enduring hotness

The Broadway musical If/Then is set to make its US tour; this bore some much welcome fruit. By fruit I mean the sexy peach Lacey Chabert . The gorgeous brunette first caught my attention almost 16 years ago and my admiration hasn't wavered since. Many were first introduced to her when she had her run as Claudia Salinger on Party of Five – I never watched that series. I first...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Top 6 Hottest Hotties Named Jennifer

Why is it there are so many hot Jennifer's running around Hollywood? Probably the same reason there are so many hot Mary's or Amber's or Kelly's. Hard to go wrong with a Jennifer though. Chances are excellent a woman going around with that moniker is probably pretty damn hot. Such is certainly the case for the 6 Jennifer's we got lined up for you today. See which...
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Exclusive Video: A Halloween Tribute to Movie Hotties in Costumes!

Seasons greetings, boils and ghouls! From the number of houses decorated on my neighborhood block, it seems at least 5% of common peeps are still celebrating Hallow's Eve. The spooky holiday has undergone many changes over the years, but one tradition that has only grown stronger is the movement of girls scantly-clad costumes. In fact, you might even say this tradition has become one of...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Sexiest Secretaries of Cinema

Honestly, how is a guy not supposed to develop a fondness for a female secretary? She spends her days getting him the things he needs and wants. It's an arrangement which appeals to the lazy, chauvinistic asshole with mommy issues inside every guy. It's all the better when she's a babe like those in this week's 6-pack, all of whom portray irresistible secretaries. Chances are there's at...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Who doesn't dig themselves a little Jennifer Love Hewitt on a cold December day? Certainly David Mirkin, the director of HEARTBREAKERS, must've shared our infatuation with Hewitt and all the gelatinous goodness that comes with her, as her hotness was expertly showcased throughout the flick. Mirkin shot so many sequences like this, in fact, one of them inevitably got cut out...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Hottie Nurses

Funny how pretty much every job traditionally associated with women has been fetishized. You got your hot teachers, hot secretaries, hot librarians, and of course the subject of this week's 6-pack montage, hot nurses. Makes sense. After all, who has more intimate access to you than a nurse? They bathe you, they handle your junk, they stick things into you. Only trustworthy wives and...
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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Stacked Hotties

"Who doesn't love tits?", as Leonardo Dicaprio once said whilst portraying Howard Hughes in THE AVIATOR. There's a short list of moments in a given day that wouldn't be greatly improved with a tasty set of cans, and I'm not talking about chicken soup. While we firmly appreciate celebrity racks of all shapes and sizes at MovieHotties, today we'll...
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Exclusive Video: Al Pacino presents "Great Ass" moments!

Brace yourselves, folks, and prepare for what is most likely the strangest thing you'll experience all day; and in this day of crack-smokin' mayors and shoulder-bitin' soccer players, that's saying a lot. We all remember that scene from HEAT when Al Pacino makes his famously well-delivered remarks about female asses ("She's got a GREAT ASS!"), or at...
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