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Top 6 Modern Horror Hotties

Horror movies and hotties. They go together like milk and cookies and look just as tasty. After all, it can't all be about monsters and psychos hacking people to death. You gotta break that up with the occasional T&A segue. Here we got 6 hotties who do just that in their own special ways. See who made our horrific list below. Any other horror hotties...
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Face Off: Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body vs. Natasha Henstridge in Species

Ya'll elected Jaimie Alexander as your favorite skinny hottie over Keira Knightley in our previous Face Off . That's a fair assessment in everything except for career, as many of you who voted for Jaimie conceded. I do agree that we should see more of Jaimie. Seems inexplicable that we don't. Well it's Halloween again, that time of year when many of us are in the mood for creepy...
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The Top Ten Bad Girls of Horror

With the latest PG-13 horror flick, OUIJA screaming into theaters this week and starring Olivia Cooke, that pixie sprite of a chick who's already been cornering the modern day market when it comes to tame horror, I figured it was a good opportunity to take a look at some of the most vicious, gnarliest, wicked female villains of horror. They're make being bad a pretty sexy thing.
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Megan Fox is the Hottie of the Month for August 2014

You may remember a little MovieHotties tradition called "Hottie of the Month" , and today, it's making a return. You may be wondering why we're dedicating our August 2014 "Hotte of the Month" to Megan Fox , or perhaps you can link it to the release of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES . The fact is, Megan once took the nation by storm with her hotness,...
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Face Off: Nicola Peltz vs. Megan Fox

It was a landslide win for Ali Larter against her competitor Kirsten Dunst in last week's Face Off . That's a telling thing, indicative of the negative opinion that can come about when hotties become indifferent to their hotness. If this comparison were made a few years back, when Kirsten wasn't so ambivalent, things might have gone much differently. Once again there's a...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Movie Creature Babes

This time around on the 6-pack we've compiled 6 of the hottest Movie Monster Babes. Yes, those lovely ladies we can't help but desire, despite the fact that they'll rip you apart or transform into some hideous creature. Expect so see some goodies from such ladies as Salma Hayek and Megan Fox . Check out the complete list below! As always, give us your ideas for upcoming...
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TGIFs: Top 8 Tongue-Tied Hottie Gifs

Did everyone have a kick ass New Year's Eve? I sure did. A lot of people like to start off the new year with a midnight kiss with a significant other, and that includes myself, if a French bull dog qualifies. As much fun as making out can be, it's not nearly as fun to watch others do it (this is why I hate romantic comedies). Unless, of course, you're watching two hotties in the act....
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