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BOTB Avengers: Hulk vs Thor vs Ironman vs Captain America vs Hawkeye

Deborah Ann Woll might have done the otherwise impossible... bested fan favorite Rosario Dawson in a Battle of the Babes match-up. Last week Daw received more votes for hottest "Daredevil" babe, besting her competition. Continuing on the Marvel theme because no one is paying attention to anything other than AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON right now and with the understanding that ScarJo would...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Jennifer Lawrence

Boy do I have a good one to kick you all off into the weekend. By now you should have all seen David O. Russel's AMERICAN HUSTLE right? Come on! It's out on Blu-Ray. Right now. So if you haven't seen it you need to do yourself a favor and correct that! Anyway, for those of us that have seen the film I'm pretty sure we're in agreement that one Jennifer Lawrence got robbed at the...
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Presenting the New York photocall for the cast of American Hustle, featuring Amy Adams cleavage

It might just be me reflecting on the remnants that made up Movember but the guys from the cast of AMERICAN HUSTLE might want to get themselves to a Gillette factory and start cleaning up the various messes on their otherwise attractive faces based on these pics of them at the New York photocall. Christian Bale, in particular. I can get behind the groovy chin duster that Jeremy Renner has going...
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Amy Adams sizzles in white & steals my man at the Hollywood Film Awards

The big news really isn't about how hot Amy Adams looked while rocking a tight white dress at the 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards the other night - it's got more to do with whether or not my man Jeremy Renner got married. Turns out my favorite Bourne and Amy's co-star in the upcoming buzz-worthy AMERICAN HUSTLE didn't just knock up some lady named Sonni Pacheco (she's a Canadian model...
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Gemma Arterton is heart-stopping in a black leather dress at the Byzantium screening

Holy crap. Do any of you male Schmoes understand how HARD it is to look this good in a leather dress? Women all over the world have been trying to squeeze into these things and look like a voluptuous, sensuous creature and most of the time the only ones who can do it without the press describing them as having "rolls" or looking "bloated" are the super-skinny chicks who might look awesome in a...
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Amy Adams lunches on the set of American Hustle, tries to keep shirt from blowing open

It's just so hard to please fanboys. I wonder sometimes if it's because you seem to have the attention span of gnats (I've never done the entomology work to understand just how aggressive the ADD is pervasive amongst that bug but since it's been such a long-running commonplace phrase, I'll just use it and not fret the details) and forget how one week you're constantly praising the greatness of...
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Gemma Arterton has some fine Hansels & Gretels

Sex personification Gemma Arterton was on the Today Show along with her costar Hawkeye, promoting their new movie HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS, yet another movie taking ridiculous liberties with a classic fairytale, because these have done so very well in the past. I guess they haven't finished scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas yet. After this fairytale thing I think it's...
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Top 10 Sexiest Movie Men of the Year

There's been many a petty complaint of the infrequent times that I've posted articles on the hot men of Hollywood. It seems that most of you are either so obsessed with looking at famous boobies (probably due to the fact that no girl in your real life will let you look at hers) or aren't comfortable enough with your sexuality to admit that dudes are hot too, or just can't forward the link to...
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