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Jessica Alba would be happy to sign your shampoo

I don't think I've ever heard of a shampoo signing before. Although I'd never heard of an mid-level actress and sex symbol heading up a billion-dollar corporate empire either. Not until Jessica Alba managed to make that a reality with her Honest Company. So there are two ways she continues to blaze a new path for herself. I was feeling optimistic when I heard about Jessica showing up in...
16 hours ago
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Top 6 Hottest Latinas (video)

When describing those attributes that make a female sexy (legs, face, career, personality), add "Latina" to the list and try not to imagine a sultry, curvaceous woman, with smooth carmel skin and capable of stirring passions with but a fiery glance. Yes, those of Latin descent have a long history of regaling the world with their special brand of lust-inducing sexuality...
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Hottie Clip: Jessica Alba in Mechanic: Resurrection

It's Thanksgiving Day, which means statistically you're either already drunk or in a fist fight with your uncle, or both. In any case, you'll be out cold soon enough. And if you happen to be one of those people who protests Thanksgiving because they have nothing to be thankful for, well, hopefully you'll change your mindset after viewing today's clip! Put Jason...
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Top 6 Movie Strippers That Don't Strip Nude (video)

Most people would probably consider it a shitty thing to find themselves in a titty bar filled with strippers who never really strip out of anything. Such a situation might understandably make one wonder why they were there at all, watching a show which isn't showing anything. Rightly so. However, the situation changes quite a bit when you have famous hotties doing the non-stripping....
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Marry/Date/Friend: Jessica Alba vs Kate Beckinsale vs Scarlett Johansson

Out of everything from last week, there was but two things evident: while you all had arguments for marrying, dating or friending Anna Kendrick, Alexandra Daddario and Alison Brie, most of you were not for dating Anna or friending Alexandra. Daddario was the strongest contender for a dating partner and Anna was the strongest as a marriage partner but everyone was splits on Brie, with...
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Jessica Alba is in top physical form for Shape Magazine

As you'll see from the behind-the-scenes video, Shape magazine appropriately photographed Jessica Alba in a variety of shape-defining swimwear. Why then are all of the chosen photos close-ups of her face? The only shot with her awesome form in frame is the cover photo; what was the thinking there? Are they milking the issue by releasing all of that bikini bottom goodness later? I...
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Comic Book Movie Hotties Tribute Video!

As the  results of the 2016 Summer box office have recently indicated, superheroes in film ain't goin' anywhere. This is hardly shocking news, even if we've seen certain caped crusaders go through a bit of a rough patch this year. Still, superheroes and supervillains taking over the big screen is a dream for the vast majority of movie goers....
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Jessica Alba's leather-bound body for her appearance on the Tonight Show

Every time Jessica Alba is in a new wide release, MECHANIC: RESURRECTION , ( review ) we all share in the spoils. In this past week we've seen – almost every morning – a new set of Alba pics. After my first sip of coffee, I find myself acting like a kid who's eager to open up his first Christmas present. I know if my parents stuck to the list, it's gonna be...
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When Jessica Alba gets excited, we get excited

With a welcoming grin and nipples hard enough to poke their way through both bra and tank top, Jessica Alba makes her obvious excitement easy to share in. I don't know where she's going in these pictures, or what afternoon news was heard to put her in such high spirits, but she's awfully happy about it. For many of us, this set of images is what is needed to get as equally...
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Jessica Alba at the Mechanic: Resurrection premiere should tune your engine

Surprise!! Jessica Alba looked absolutely stunning for her attendance to the MECHANIC: RESURRECTION premiere – no one saw that coming. For a hottie of Alba's stature, owning the red carpet is like fishing with dynamite; expectations are always met, and more often than not... Exceeded. I would've liked to show my support for her new movie on opening weekend but it'll...
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Face Off: Mary Elizabeth Winstead vs. Jessica Alba

There was a distinct Emma Stone emphasis to last week's Face Off , helping her triumph over Victoria Justice . Once again it comes down to career accomplishments. If Victoria had a CV like Emma, she'd probably enjoy just as much widespread love. As it is, she still comes pretty close to Emma, at least in my estimation. Which says something for her drawing power. How fortunate for...
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Get your Jessica Alba fix with these Mechanic 2 press conference pics

I think Jessica Alba is really hitting her hottie stride. While many can point out the various points in her career lifespan where she was easily the hottest thing in all of Hollywood, there is something particularly appealing about Jess in her mid-30's, all mommy-ed up and mogul-like. There's something that being the head of a billion dollar company that really amps up the attractiveness...
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