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Hot or Not: Jessica Lange

The difference between the comments ehre on moviehotties and the comments left on the Facebook moviehotties page always crack me up. Who would have thought that the people on a hot babe website would have more class than a Facebook page? But that was the case when opinions on Jillian Bell went up last week, declaring that she's not your typical Hollywood hottie but she's still a bit of...
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Emma Roberts is bewitching in white at the American Horror Story Coven premiere

I think it's safe to say that with her role on the upcoming new season of "American Horror Story: Coven," Emma Roberts is leaving her NANCY DREW days behind her. The actress is gearing up to join the list of witches on the show which include huge names in the acting biz such as Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson on the popular spooky FX show. What her character is up to on the...
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Classic Hotties: Jessica Lange

Hollywood has always been the place to be for models aspiring to loftier goals. Time spent as an idealized image of beauty and sex appeal can open doors for many a young model with dreams of glory on the big screen. That was how Jessica Lange made it to the big time. Unfortunately for her, those early pretty face endeavors were the means by which some attempted to shatter her big screen...
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Precious is headed to American Horror Story: Coven. Good thing?

Gabourey Sidibe is the big 'ol black girl who is never going to be forgotten for playing the lead role in the movie PRECIOUS (need I remind you that she did get an Oscar nomination for that abysmally sad and practically impossible to pull off role and that she did DESERVE that nomination??). But the actress hasn't been resting on her laurels and letting herself be considered just...
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