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Sexy TwitPics: Cosplay Edition 2015

Don't hang up that dorky lanyard just yet! Like Christmas at the North Pole, the event of Comic Con is celebrated all year round on JoBlo, as well as here at MovieHotties. In fact, it's  especially  celebrated here at MovieHotties, as there's no bad time of year to appreciate gals in teeny-fied costumes of their favorite movie, television or anime characters,...
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Sexy TwitPics: April 2014

My goodness May just really popped out of nowhere, didn't it? It seems like only yesterday we were in January, debating whether to see THE WEDDING RINGER or TAK3N for a second time, and suddenly, we're already in blockbuster season. Now that same tug-of-war falls between HOT PURSUIT and PITCH PERFECT 2. Why must there be no easy decisions in life? Well, it was a little...
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Sexy TwitPics: Jessica Nigri

There's a lot going on this upcoming weekend, with spring break, Easter and, of course, Anaheim's WonderCon 2014. Sure, the "excitement" factor of WonderCon might be several notches down from San Diego's Comic-Con, but it's fun, and it's in my neck of the woods. Plus, it' draws in a lot of true "convention...
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Jessica Nigri is a cosplay girl ready to invade your Assassins Creed 3 world

I know very little about video games outside of Tetris, Mario Party and Cooking Mama. Yes, I'm old and lame when it comes to these fancy gaming units that they put out every 2 years. I just prefer to spend my money on other stuff and I don't dog on those who choose to invest their nut in games. But I have to point out that I've never played anything like HALO or GODS OF WAR or whatever this...
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