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I wouldn't mind having Bianca Haase in my hot tub

One of the givens when dealing with a movie called HOT TUB TIME MACHINE is a modicum of low brow content. It's obviously not a premise from which anyone should expect to get anything deep or meaningful. That's okay, as I'm all for a crude humor movie. Powerful documentaries and emotional dramas are great, but sometimes you just want to watch something stupid you can get a laugh out of. Of...
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The Hotties get glam for the 2014 MET Costume Gala

When you're a hot woman who wants to get the world's attention, you either have to be good at acting and end up invited to an awards show of that distinct or good at music and end up at a recording artist reward forum. Sure, you could pose naked in something or say provocative things to gain media attention but ultimately, you wouldn't have the chance to score fancy designer...
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Jessica Pare gets wet and wild for Esquire

Jessica Paré comes to the pages of Esquire magazine, where they've decided that they'd feature the "Mad Men" actress in her bra and panties as well as nude in a pool. I can't decide if they've taken this route because Paré makes it painfully obvious that she's got a hard 10 for a body and a Don't Look in the Box face - one that should remain unopened by her gap-toothed and excessively gummy...
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Jessica Pare gets leggy at the Revolve Clothing Beach House Party in Malibu

Wish I could tell you that I have watched "Mad Men," but I haven't. I've bought the first three seasons on DVD because they were at a stupid cheap price one Black Friday when I was braving the crowds, but from what I can tell, Jessica Pare was not yet a part of the cast by that point and I've seen Christina Hendricks look way better in other projects, so I didn't find a pressing need to...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Piper Perabo & Jessica Pare

For today's Hottie Clip of the Day I decided to get a little random. And as I was searching for a sexy clip of Jessica Pare I stumbled on this little gem from LOST AND DELIRIOUS. Ever hear of it? Well I'm sure you'll be watching it now! In today's clip we've got Pare looking all sexy with wet hair as she makes out with... Piper Perabo. Yup. Jessica Pare and Piper Perabo. You're...
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