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We can't rightly show one Jenner sister's bikini pics and not the other's

You guys and your knee jerk reactions to the Kardashians crack me up sometimes. Hey, I loathe them just as much as you do. I'm still a guy though. And as a guy, there's no way my gonads would allow me to turn away the barely legal baby of that bunch with her huge rack falling out of bikinis. Now talk to me in 5 years and it will probably be a different story with her. But for right...

Michael B. Jordan's girlfriend is freaking hot

Good for you, Wallace. He deserves something nice after what happened to him on The Wire - a show I've recently started binge viewing for like the 4th time now. Awesome show. Speaking of binges, could there ever be enough chances to tap that incredible girl Michael had with him while on vacation wherever he was? I just wish I knew what her name was, as there definitely need to be more pictures...


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