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Mila Kunis is the true precious jewel in these pics

Mila Kunis has a new gig promoting jewelry made by a company called Gemfields which I've never heard of before because they make shit only rich people like Mila can afford. Is this like every woman's dream job? Just hang out with really expensive jewelry on? I envision a deep, inner longing within a woman that is soon satisfied once they've reached a place in life where people are actually...
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Emily Blunt leads the pack of hotties at the 2013 Critics Choice Awards

Considering that she wasn't Oscar nominated for her role in that movie where Anne Hathaway gets all the attention, I suppose I can understand the tight-lipped, stern expression on Amanda Seyfried's face. Amy Adams looked completely comfortable on the red carpet of the 18th Annual Critics Choice Awards, as she should, considering that the list of nominations she's been racking up since...
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