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Hottie Clip of the Day: Kaley Cuoco

So the other day I'm sitting here watching the newest episode of "The Big Bang Theory" and wow. Just wow. Actually wow doesn't even begin to cover it. Of course I'm talking about Kaley Cuoco and possibly the hottest she's ever looked on that show. You guys know how hot Cuoco is, right? Of course you do. Now try and imagine her at her absolute hottest. Yeah folks, this is one of...
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Kate Hudson's still bringing the booty to her latest movie set

Kate Hudson is back to doing the California girl thing, including the return of her Penny Lane blonde curls as she is in the middle of filming WISH I WAS HERE. Makes sense that she's getting sentimental on her decade old look, seeing as how this is the "sequel" to the fan-favorite GARDEN STATE, mainly funded by director Zach Braff's Kickstarter campaign to get the ball rolling. One cast...
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