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Let's stay up late and play beer pong with hottie Nina Dobrev

I'm not the biggest fan of Jimmy Fallon hosting a late night television talk show. Maybe it's him or maybe it's the way he has to include some gimmick with his guests so that the show is never boring cause God forbid they talk for too long and people don't talk about it the next day. Or maybe I'm getting old and cranky. That last one actually might be it. Regardless of that fact, hottie Nina...

Miranda Kerr knows exactly how to dress on her way to play flip cup

Man, those dimples are awesome. Miranda Kerr may have some not-so-great reputation rumours floating around her but who really cares what her personality is like when she's this incredibly gorgeous? The model was leaving her New York apartment to go to an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" (where she quite nearly schooled him at flip cup ), looking lovely as always as her...

Charlize does charades the hottie way on the Tonight Show

Steve Higgins is no Ed McMahon but he managed to do a fairly decent job at cleaning up with guest hottie Charlize Theron who came on the show to discuss her role in TEN MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST. The duo were up against the host, Jimmy Fallon and his partner, "Penny Dreadful" star Josh Harnett (looking his Douchy Kutcher best) who suffered from antipatico when trying to get...

Katy Perry puts her own spin on the slutty catholic schoolgirl for Fallon

Did you guys check out Katy Perry on Jimmy Fallon's show the other night doing the shy, slutty school girl in pony tails thing? This is apparently the new theme she's been doing some variation on in most of her public appearances. Is it weird that seeing her like this made me think about how great she must be at sexual role play? She loves these little outfits so much for her stage shows,...

Heidi Klum slips into some leather to whip Jimmy Fallon into a lather

If the rumours are true, Heidi Klum is batshit crazy. Aside from the rumours, my fact is that I love her kooky nature and how she'll strut onto the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon set and have the guy who is piss-poor at creating a naturally stunned reaction into spit-taking his water. To think, I figured Horatio Sanz was the only one who could get Jimmy to spit. Heidi is currently one of the...

Katharine McPhee is spared Jimmy Fallon's cream but not Russell Brand's crotch

I don't have images captured from the moment on the February 4th airing of the Jimmy Fallon show, where you see a very flustered Katharine McPhee trying to avoid sitting on an eager Russell Brand as the former Mr. Katy Perry tried to stay in the main interviewee seat that night. McPhee was on the show to promote her show, "Smash" and its return to the air coming up this spring season, but it...

Lucy Liu gets creamed in the face by Jimmy Fallon

Ahem. Excuse me, Ms Lucy Liu , but what are you doing on Jimmy Fallon's show, being all chatty about going to the Super Bowl, visiting with family and blabbing about your hit show, "Elementary" when you could have taken a second to brag about your Battle of the Babes WIN a couple weeks back against the other CBS hotties? Hmmmmm? You'd think that you'd show some proper appreciation to the...

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