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Hailee Steinfeld lets her dress do the talking on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Actress, pop singer, philanthropist – Hailee Steinfeld should add self-help guru to her ever-expanding list of superhuman abilities. She could be writing books and holding seminars for hotties whose career is on the ropes and desperately need Hailee's guidance on how to cultivate a lucrative profession. She spent the majority of 2016 working her ass off – and sometimes...
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Karen Gillan continues the conservative cutie routine for Kimmel

She was brave enough to shave her head for a character role in a super hero movie based on a comic book that no one had really heard of but damned if we can't get Karen Gillan to loosen up when it comes to her fashion sense. While she was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the actress took to her signature short shorts/skirt routine, showing off the miles-long legs of hers while she paired it with a...
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Oh hai, sexy redheaded, long legged Emma Stone!

Boy, did I miss the redheaded Emma Stone . It was crazy. When I found out that blonde was her actual natural color, I felt a little dizzy and passed out in my living room, falling on and consequently breaking the glass table. When I awoke, though, it was okay. I would ask myself, "Is she still attractive? Does she still look lovely? Is she still responding to your text messages within a five...
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Amber Heard's one leg is hotter than most women

I'm very confused by Amber Heard these days. When I asked her if she wanted to go get a cup of coffee, she told me that she was a lesbian and wasn't interested, which is all fine and dandy, until I saw her very suspiciously holding hands with none other than Johnny Depp, who I'm more than certain has a penis. After carefully conducting some research and tests, I have concluded that this must...
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Anna Paquin doesn't want to sign any of your sh*t!

Okay, okay. So, maybe she doesn't exactly look thrilled to be signing autographs for perhaps the zillionth time, but she does seem like a lovely person most of the time and everyone has one of those days, right?  Anyway, Anna Paquin was stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the new season of True Blood where, I'm assuming, fans were given a few short moments to get some...
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Alice Eve takes her cleavage to Kimmel, doesn't apologize

Being a writer for a site such as this, my opinion on the matter of Alice Eve 's "inappropriate" bikini appearance in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS might may not be of value to some of you. Even if my open love for breasts somehow demerits my point of view, I think it's completely absurd for the writer of a big summer movie to apologize for being "gratuitous",...
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