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Taylor Swift gives it all she's got for the Kimmel crowd

As we've stated before, it's somewhat odd to be taking all this interest in Taylor Swift and her various dealings in recent months. I'm used to her being an asexual annoyance, cashing in big time as the sympathetic outlet for forlorn young women with relationship bullshit. Lately though, it seems Taylor has decided to do away with the asexual bit and drop a heavy helping of sexy into her...

Michelle Monaghan takes a walk down hottie lane

We've been talking a lot about Michelle Monaghan lately. With good reason, I think. Sure, she's got a movie coming out, but that's just a pretense to discuss a hottie we don't get enough coverage of, at least in my opinion. I guess Michelle just isn't much for the cameras and the showing off and all the other stuff that routinely gets other hotties mentioned around here. Movies got to get...

Nicola Peltz goes low cut on Jimmy Kimmel

You may or may not have ended up liking TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION but after checking out the box office returns, it appears that you all paid money to go see it. Even if you didn't, the movie's earning power doesn't seem to be affecting the charm of its young female star, Nicola Peltz , who took to Jimmy Kimmel's show late last week in a tight, low-cut dress that...

Say hello to Iggy Azalea's not-so-little friend

I made the mistake of telling one of my asshole friends the other day how hot I found Iggy Azalea and her thick ass. That led to an aghast statement about the quality of her music and the lack thereof. My retort was that her music is indeed bad, but that has little effect on the visual quality of her sexy thickness. Things went unresolved in that discussion until the following day, when I...

Katy Perry kisses up to her fans outside Kimmel, loses to them inside

It's a good thing that the fans outside of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show were kissing up to Katy Perry because the host had a different type of fan encounter scheduled for the singer once inside. Jimmy had a Katy Perry super trivia contest set up for a portion of the interview with Perry, pitting her against a woman named Emily who was a member of the Katy Kats - the league of superfans...

Miley Cyrus I like but this Channing a Tatum business looks creepier than that Leibovitz infamous picture

It's been a full 24 hours or so since the mock music video that Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum made as a joke for the Jimmy Kimmel show has been out, so I'm sure that you've all seen it and it's old news by now. The best that I can bring you is behind-the-scenes images of the part Miley Cyrus played in that debacle. The little short-haired hottie that brings up the most would/wouldn't you...

There's quite a startling difference between Emilia Clarke and her Khaleesi alter ego

I just can't get over the transformation Emilia Clarke undergoes when she dons that blonde hair and becomes Daenerys, the last remaining descendant of house Targaryen on Game of Thrones. Natural Emilia is a completely different person, as evidenced by her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. Her whole face changes. She's beautiful, but not Daenerys. If I saw her walking down the...

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