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Lindsay Lohan almost looks like the same old chick at the NY Jingle Ball

Oh, one of my biggest beefs combined with a second of my biggest beefs, how quaint. The normally garish looking Lindsay Lohan looking quite passable with her hair dyed back to its famous red wearing a t-shirt with a phrase containing the word that so many people use WRONG. (If you mean the woman looks fashionable, it's "chic." If you are referring to her being a broad, you...

Miley Cyrus twerks with Bad Santa

Oh yeah, time indulge in another Miley Cyrus hatefest. The queen of skanky twerks is back at it, this time turning the holidays into a joke with a drunken Santa Claus for the KIIS FM Jingle Ball event. Miley came complete with suggestive candy cane microphones and furry Chanel bag for some inane reason, along with the requisite Christmas-themed costume that shows off her paltry ass. What can...

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