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Hottie Clip of the Day: Salma Hayek

Man does Salma Hayek still have it! I've lost count the number of years Hayek has been the star of our fantasies and she's still doing it! Today's Hottie Clip of the Day celebrates Hayek with a clip from one of her newer films, SAVAGES. In this scene we've got the drug lord-ess Hayek getting a foot massage from some maid. Not everyday most of the male population gets jealous of a...
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Controversy and advancing years aren't hurting Kelly Preston's hotness

Seems like every hottie from my youth is turning or has turned 50 in the last year or so. Case in point, Kelly Preston , seen here doing a TV movie. Obviously the dates match up. All those fine 20-somethings from the 80s are now menopausal and talking to their doctor about osteoporosis medications. Still rather shocking sometimes that so many years have passed. Good to see that at least some...
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Top 10 Celebrity Train Wrecks of the Year

The celebs were careening into self destruction like mad people this year. There was carnage done to careers, fortunes, public perceptions - even humanity's faith in trusted institutions was shaken, all thanks to the notorious exploits of the 10 select human train wrecks presented here for your ridicule and condemnation. Some of these names you've seen mentioned before in such lists, some you...
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