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Don't you wish you were Jessica Lowndes' cup of coffee right now?

When you're Jessica Lowndes and the best thing you're known for is looking like Megan Fox-Lite, what is there to do? First, you get a cheap role on a throw-away reboot show like "90210," then you start telling everyone what you really want to do is sing, then you release a "remix" of a shitty song that you did that no one paid attention to, then you make a video about said song with former...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Salma Hayek and Maria Bello

I hate to remind you all of the event that turned last summer into a horrific tragedy, but today's clip comes from GROWN UPS 2 (2013). I'm sorry. Really. It's not my fault that there's a whole sequence where, in typical Sandler fashion, a room full of women are sexually objectified by Jon Lovitz, and one of those women happens to be Salma Hayek . Can you blame me?...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Kim Basinger

One of the biggest hotties in history would undoubtedly be Kim Basinger. Any objections? No, I didn't think so. Yet she's barely been showcased on the Hottie Clip of the Day. We have to fix that! And we start today! For today's Hottie Clip we've got the absolutely gorgeous Basinger as she quickly learns how to strip before answering Dan Aykroyd's fantasies. Man, I could care less if...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Rene Russo

Rene Russo is one of those hotties that has been around for quite a while. Hell she's just as gorgeous today as she ever was. Now that's impressive. For today's Hottie Clip of the Day we take a look at one of Russo's sexiest scenes. A short clip from MR. DESTINY gives us a sexy Rene Russo surprising James Belushi with some very hot lingerie. You know I was never a really big fan of...
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