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Jordan Carver is a ridiculously proportioned woman

Remember that bullshit story I posted last week about Johnny Depp (impersonator) getting it on with Jordan Carver ? Did you forget about that? Me, too. That is until I ran into these fantastic pics of the generously gelatinous German, Jordan in red lingerie. I noticed she converted her hair from red to blonde for that stupid movie, WHO SHOT JOHNNY?, but it looks like she's found some...
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Has Johnny Depp moved on to bigger, better things?

And the most misleading headline of the week goes to (drum roll) yours truly! What you see here is the usually redheaded Jordan Carver chatting it up with the worst Johnny Depp impersonator I've ever seen on the set of WHO SHOT JOHNNY? (a surefire instant classic). Well, maybe he's more like the 38th worst if you include all the Captain Jacks, Mad Hatters and Edward Scissorhandses hanging...
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