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It was business as usual at the 2013 MTV VMAs last night

The attention whoring was breaking loose all over the place last night for the MTV Video Music Awards, both on stage and amidst the attendees. Remember when folks were having a shit fit about Madonna rolling around in lace underwear back in the 80s? Yeah, how quaint that was compared to Miley Cyrus' little "I'm so totally not a kid's star" slut fest. She and her...
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Jordin Sparks is putting her charity where her mouth is

I'm not the biggest fan of Jordin Sparks , as if that matters to anyone other than myself, but I do like when celebrities are able to bring in money for charities that truly deserve the attention and funding. Many of the young celebrities are pushed into supporting certain foundations based on the name recognition of the charity. Think about it, how many times have you seen a child actor be...
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Jordin Sparks puts on a leg show at the opening ceremony of the US Open

I know her movie SPARKLE might have taken a total dump at the box office, it doesn't appear to be getting Jordin Sparks down. If anything, the leggy singer looked even more sexy in a tight white dress as she performed at the opening ceremonies for the U.S. Open. You know, that thing we watch to listen to women grunt like they're getting bottomed out and for the fancy wives in the stands....
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Hot or Not: Jordin Sparks

I get the feeling that the people behind SPARKLE really had no clue how to market the movie without Whitney Houston being around. Yeah, yeah, her death was sad, don't think this is about me trying to claim otherwise. What I'm saying is... can the film's lead star carry the movie now that audience goers are going to be focused on/distracted by the fact that Houston plays her mom in the...
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