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Summer Glau, The nerds Aphrodite, attends Chicago Comic Con

Firefly fan boys are some of the most dedicated enthusiast you will ever come across. Years after a single season run and feature-length capstone, the loyalists still don the brown coat in attendance to nostalgic Q&A panels; honoring the brief sci-fi franchise. The nimble Summer Glau probably has something to do with the refuse-to-die enthusiasm. She captured the hearts and minds of...
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Sexy TwitPics: Eliza Dushku

Any die-hard fans of BUFFY or WRONG TURN will be happy to know Eliza Dushku is still alive and well (and hot). Like many others, I used to have a thing for Eliza back in the day, even when she first came on the scene as a rebel cheerleader in BRING IT ON. So what happened? I've often wondered to myself why this woman seemed to flee from the hottie radar, so of course, I started...
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Amy Acker is on something. Too bad it's not my bed.

The Joss Whedon-directed romantic comedy MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING will finally be seeing a release in North America on June 21st, 2013. The film, which has a received a tremendous amount of buzz, just had a screening in Hollywood, where its star and "Angel" alumni Amy Acker was in attendance. She was looking a little buzzed herself, or perhaps she was just giddy out of sheer...
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Morena Baccarin strips down somewhat for the UK gentlemen

So nice to see Morena Baccarin with long hair again. Even nicer to see her stripping down a little for the pages of GQ UK. I'm sure there are plenty of you who enjoy Morena and her fellow cast mates on the Homeland show. But you know I'm all about the Firefly. Speaking of that long lost show, you might have heard about Joss Whedon's recent confession that he would really like to bring that...
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The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Joss Whedon Characters

My buddy Dave is celebrating a birthday today, on this very special 12/12/12. Firefly hit its 10th anniversary this year. Dave loves that show. Dave loves most all things Whedon. But this isn't just about Dave. I happen to dig on Whedon characters as well and I know I'm not alone. Enjoy!
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