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Jennifer Lopez covered all the crowd pleasing bases at the Billboard awards

I recall once having a lot more negative things to say about Jennifer Lopez than positive ones. That was back when her career was smashing against the rocks and her relationship bullshit was at it's very worst. You'd have thought she was the worst person on Earth then. That was before the Kardashian's made her excessive media coverage look like virtual obscurity. I still find Jennifer's...
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Melanie Brown still looks spicy in a not-so-scary way

I never was a Spice Girls fan when I would have had the chance to do so in a non-ironic, hipster sort of way. The only line from one of their songs that I know is about telling and wanting and even thinking about that makes my skin start to crawl. With all the personal life craziness that surrounds one of the group's members, Melanie Brown (remember some years ago when she said she was...
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Jennifer Lopez brings some Latina flavor back to American Idol

I hate American Idol. Even before Simon Cowell took leave (for bigger and better things?), A.I. was like a plague on television just never leaving and always on the air. I also love the fact that when singers win the overall contest of Idol, they fall into obscurity. Poor bastards. They work their butts off to win this contest out of thousands and thousands of people and if they win, they will...
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The hot version of Christina Aguilera has returned

I can't rightfully bitch about Christina Aguilera's extended flirtation with fatness. I've never had to deal with the life of a high profile celebrity known far and wide for the sex appeal inherent in their body. The demands placed on a person as they try to maintain that sort of thing have got to be a literal pain in the ass after awhile. Eventually it must occur to a person how much of...
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