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Julianne Moore, Chloe Grace Moretz and Judy Greer light up the red carpet L.A. premiere of Carrie

The book version of CARRIE has always been one of my favorite offerings from the indomitable Stephen King as well as the original 1976 adaptation of the book, even if the first version, starring the incomparable Sissy Spacek, was a bit off the written word. The newest adaptation promises to be a more true-to-pulp version of the original story, with the great talents of Julianne Moore , Judy...

Battle of the Babes #237: Playing for Keeps Babes

I much rather prefer Gerard Butler in 300 to any of these rom-coms that he keeps popping up in, including this week's release, PLAYING FOR KEEPS . What, because he's gotten to be of a certain age, he can no longer kick ass and now has the be the romantic foil for a woman 20 years younger than him? He's so much better than that! He makes people eat dinner in hell! Actually, now that I...

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