Let's go visit Liv Tyler at the lake this weekend

There are few things in this world more romantic than meeting up with the love of your life in a small cabin in the woods. Unless the whole undead attacking you scenario goes down in which case it makes for a real drag, but for the most part, it's typically a great time, am I right? Well, that's exactly the kind of vibe I'm getting from this photoshoot from the July issue from Violet Grey....

Enjoy Playboy Playmate Alyssa Arce get wet in a bikini

So the weather is pretty much shitty all over the US right now. The mid-west is getting hammered by apocalyptic tornado outbreaks and most other places are getting cold and rainy. It's very much a McDonald's hamburger patty around here where I am, namely grey and wet. Once again it's Miami that stands as the one holdout to inclement weather here in the US. Also again is a hottie in a bikini...

The Bikini Roundup - July 2013

Good god, what crazy collection of hotties in bikinis we have for you this month - 31 of them, to be exact. One for every day of the month. You might not know who all these ladies are, but they're guaranteed to wow you with how well they wear the best beach gear of them all. So let's get into it, starting with my beloved Kelly Brook doing her bikini thang down in Greece. Take...

Claudia Romani wears her American pride on her ass for Independence Week

My brain is so fried. My car took a major pisser on Wednesday, I got to "enjoy" the 4th of July off, had to work on the 5th, completely screwing up my internal give-a-f*ck system and am still waiting for parts so I can plunk down a huge chunk of change before I regain my own independence when my car is fixed. The best that I can do right now is relax and enjoy the view. The view not being that...

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