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Your new Lara Croft, Alicia Vikander, gets tough & dirty on Tomb Raider set

I honestly don't care if anyone starts to complain that Alicia Vikander isn't busty enough to play the video game hottie whom most of us grew up wanting to disrobe with special cheat codes while playing Tomb Raider. The bitch looks tough as f*ck on the South African set, where they're filming the reboot/revisit/reimagining of the series. I hate that the only images available so far are...
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Russian fitness model Irina Bright wedges her perfect ass into a tiny bikini

Have any of you ever seen seen a bottle of this 138 Water for sale anywhere? We keep posting shots of various hot models doing photoshoots for the brand but I have yet to see it sold anywhere, not that it matters, I suppose, so long as we keep getting to see these fit young things in bikinis. This time around it's Russian fitness model, Irina Bright , who was posing more in a pink sports bra...
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Jessica Alba takes the plunge in another little bikini

I'd love to be the kind of billionaire who spends more time at the beach than in the boardroom. Such seems to be the case with Honest Company's leading lady, Jessica Alba , who has been knocking out more bikini sightings than board meetings this past week, first showing up in that sexy little purple bikini and now we're getting the chance to check out how brave Jess is, jumping off the...
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Kate Upton nearly pops out of her top on the set of The Other Woman

I want you to tell me the truth: Is it wrong that if my man had another woman and that woman was Kate Upton , I would be perfectly OK with that? I seriously would have no issue if my man (wherever he may be) was chosen by the Sports Illustrated bikinied beauty as one of her bump-and-grind spots on the map. If she was looking to have someone to satisfy her while she passed through town, he'd...
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