Ellen Page takes off the trucker hats and a shows off her underwear

I don't know how the folks over at W Magazine managed to get that trucker hat and blazer off Ellen Page , much less convince her to show a significant amount of skin once again. I have to think someone as contentedly individualized as Ellen isn't going to drop her kit when a big wad of cash gets shoved in her face. Perhaps the whole redneck Diane Keaton routine is starting to turn...
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Face Off: Keri Russell vs. Jennifer Garner

Pretty solid win for Olivia Munn over Kaley Cuoco in last week's Face Off . You'll get no arguments from me. Kaley is no slouch as a hottie, but I think Liv outclasses her just a tad. Keri Russell is starring in the next installment of the PLANET OF THE APES this week, helping to take a franchise I always found rather cheesy and transform it into an impressive set of sci-fi action...
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Does Ellen Page still Flare you up?

This is an interesting one. Ellen Page has been fully out of the closet for a few months now. She's also got this spread in her native land's own fashion magazine, Flare, looking sexier than I've seen her in a long while. She's also reprising her role as Shadowcat in the new X-MEN movie. This might be a good time to take a census of everyone's thoughts and feelings on the matter of Ellen and...
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Face Off: Ellen Page vs. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

It was a tie game between Naomi Watts and Jennifer Lawrence in last week's Face Off . I can understand that. Naomi has the history, but Jennifer's got the momentum. Plus, they're both hotties in their own rights. Interesting how Jennifer seems to generate so much ire in a few of you though. I agree that she's not a traditional hottie in some respects, but she's clearly hot, talented and...
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