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You should feel justified about wanting to drop by Cathy Baron's place

If you're a fan of the FX show Justified, you might recognize Cathy Baron , who plays working girl Teri on the show. She's the latest in their collection of somewhat lesser known celebs giving us sexy tours around their places. Cathy does for me what most brunettes who go blonde do, namely give me an itch to see them with their natural color. I almost always think they look tons better with...
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Battle of the Babes Justified Edition: Joelle Carter vs Natalie Zea vs Amy Smart

Now that we've got a couple of episodes of the fifth season of the popular FX series "Justified" under our respective belts, I thought we could get on to the more important debatable aspect of the show. The women who inhabit its universe. Sure, I could go on for days about just how hot Timothy Olyphant is and has been over the years but then you'd all be whining about my ode to his...
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Natalie Zea is Wow at the Justified season 5 premiere

I know that I should make more time to watch "Justified," especially after it's gotten the JoBlo stamp of approval as being one of the best shows that aired in 2013. Hell, I only decided to queue up the first season of the show because series star, Timothy Olyphant, makes me cry in my panties. If I needed any more reason to make time for the F/X show, its other star, the super sexy and...
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The Hottie Stop interviews Natalie Zea from The Following and Sweet Talk

You've no doubt seen the lovely Natalie Zea somewhere in your roster of TV shows. The prolific actress has been a part of many high-profile series, including Passions, The Shield, Eyes, Dirty Sexy Money, Hung, Californication, The Following, Under the Dome, and my personal favorite, Justified. It would be pretty hard to avoid Ms. Zea on the boob tube and now she's making a case...
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Victoria Justice in a short black skirt is very impressive

I gotta be straight up and just say that I'm a f*cking Nickelodeon fan. While others at that age were more inclined to watch Cartoon Network and The Disney Channel , you just can't beat shit like HEY ARNOLD, RUGRATS, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (the old stuff, of course) and the like. I finally got to that age, though, that watching Nickelodeon all day started to get a little creepy, so...
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