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Kaley Cuoco is showing off her hard earned abs again for Women's Health

I'm always a bit surprised by how much the main celebrity media loves to focus on Kaley Cuoco , her love life, her plastic surgeries and everything else. Cucoco is great on The Big Bang Theory but her movie career isn't something to brag about (I suppose one could also argue the same be said of Jennifer Aniston's early movie transition) and other than being a millionaire white lady with a...
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Hottie Clip: Kaley Cuoco at A Night at Sardi's (2016)

It's a good day to be a Kaley Cuoco fan. Way back in March of this year, we were given a sneak peek of Cuoco's performance at the 24th annual Alzheimer's Association's 'A Night at Sardi's,' but only in the form of a few measly snapshots. Many were hoping to see video footage of her full song-and-dance rendition of "Dance:...
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Marry/Date/Friend: Kaley Cuoco vs Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift

Congratulations! The enthusiasm with which you showed our first Marry/Date/Friend feature has just earned you a shot at categorizing some of the hottest female celebrities out there once more! In our premier post, featuring Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie, the vast majority of you wanted to put a ring on Harley Quinn, with the rest of you going back and forth over...
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Kaley Cuoco's tight midriff game is still the one to beat

As Droz boasted about yesterday, Elle Fanning is going to town showing off that taut little tummy of hers lately, now that she's a legal hottie with a mission to outhot the multitudes of others just like her. Still, it's important to give props to those who have come before. We've actually been seeing far less of Kaley Cuoco exiting yoga studios in her workout gear than in previous...
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BOTB Top Money Makers: Jennifer Lawrence vs Kaley Cuoco vs Katy Perry

I'm pretty sure you're not frothing at the bit to go see MONEY MONSTER , at elast not like you were for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, where you lusted after last week's winner, Hayley Atwell, even if she wasn't really in the movie. And it's certainly not a week to get splooshy over the mutant girls from X-MEN, which we still have a couple more weeks to wait for. So here are the three...
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Face Off: Melissa Rauch vs. Kaley Cuoco

Jessica Biel had her impassioned advocates in last week's Face Off , but I got the feeling it was nonetheless Mary Elizabeth Winstead who enjoyed the greater share of love from the voters. Circumstances have changed a lot for both those two in recent years. Makes me wonder how comparing them might have gone a few years ago. Probably a much harder call to make back then. This...
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Kaley Cuoco gives the Alzheimer's Association an unforgettable show

When hotties use their tits for a good cause, well, that's a beautiful thing. Kaley Cuoco made the world a finer place last night with a sexy song & dance show for 24th annual Alzheimer's Association's, 'A Night at Sardi's.' She also did her part to raise awareness for such an organization among ignorant folks like yours truly. I've never heard of 'A...
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Kaley Cuoco and phallic shaped food in Cosmopolitan

Kaley Cuoco on the aftermath of her marriage: "It does not change the way that I look at love. I cannot wait to be in love again." That shouldn't be difficult, it's not a stretch to say she has her pick from the global pool of male suitors. You gotta wonder if this photo shoot for Cosmopolitan was a way to attract the kind of man she's hoping for. She's done with...
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Kaley Cuoco put her big bangs on display at the 200th episode party

Stan Lee certainly looked happy to be cuddling up to Kaley Cuoco this past Saturday night as the cast and crew and friends of "The Big Bang Theory" celebrated the show's 200th episode. Sure, there are plenty of you who hate the show and many who even hate Kaley for having one of the easiest jobs with the biggest payout but it is what it is, folks. I never thought "2 1/2 Men" deserved the...
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Kaley Cuoco's curves do the singing at the Grammys

I could give two shits about most of the people in attendance at the 2016 Grammys. All the recent music awards show do is make me feel old as f*ck for not caring about 95% of modern music, although nothing could make me feel embarrassed about appreciating the hell out of Kaley Cuoco's butt in the figure hugging silvery pantsuit she wore to the show. Kaley's sister Briana is the singer in...
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That $1 million an episode body of Kaley Cuoco's is worth every penny penny penny

Yeah, I had to go for the easy joke there. I'll hand it to Kaley Cuoco , who often gets teased for seemingly spending her days doing nothing but getting her nails done, riding horses and getting sweaty in those hot yoga classes; At least the woman is putting in the work that goes along with asking for that huge paycheck she was granted at the last contract negotiation over her role as Penny...
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Hottie Clip: Kaley Cuoco on Lip Sync Battle

Spike TV's celebrity "gameshow" Lip Sync Battle has resulted in yet another gift to us, especially those who are coocoo for Kaley Cuoco puffs (it never gets old). Yes, Kaley performed her lip sync rendition of the classic Britney Spears hit "I'm a Slave 4 U" while carrying a big yellow snake, presumably in an attempt to out-sexy her opponent, Josh Gad. We...
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