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Kate Hudson can barely keep her panties contained

Celebrity babes like Kate Hudson always reserve the sexier outfits for the after party. During her arrival at last weeks MET GALA after party, she found herself at odds with her alternate, and super-sexy, attire; a far less conservative, far less compliant gown than the one worn to the main event. Apparently, Kate and the belligerent evening wear couldn't peacefully find common...
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We concur with Kate Hudson's more flesh, less fabric approach to fashion

That Y shaped area between the breasts, something we refer to as the boob cleft, has almost replaced the boob itself as the choice bit of flesh mega hotties like Kate Hudson here prefer onlookers to focus on. However, on this most auspicious evening, the stunning MILF chose to omit so much fabric from her selected attire that her tits, and everything in between, were there for mass visual...
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BOTB Mother's Day Babes: Jennifer Aniston vs Kate Hudson vs Sarah Chalke

People were less than thrilled with THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR, perhaps because if they want a winter's soldier to go to war, it's gotta be the Cap) but you guys seemed happy as clams to discuss which of the babes of the movie was your favorite. It was most likely the only time you'll see Charlize place last in a race, being narrowly bested by Emily Blunt who was overpowered by the...
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These Mark Seliger Oscar after party portraits are better than the actual award show

I've heard different opinions voiced over the quality of this year's Oscars. Some enjoyed watching Chris Rock rip on whitey. Others were less than enthusiastic. Me, I was mostly distracted by how poorly most of the jokes went over with the crowd and how a few of the gags just did a total flyby for most folks (I'm still cringing over that Stacy Dash thing). The Oscar after parties are where the...
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The Top 10 Hottest Reporters in Film

After thoroughly turning me off by taking those big budget dollars that the studio execs are throwing at her and churning out SISTERS, a comedy that didn't try to be awesomely female-centric but rather a bromance flick with women in the leads (why pay money for that when you can just wait for the Apatow Squad to disappoint/fulfill you again?), Tina Fey is trying to get me to check out WHISKEY...
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All the work Kate Hudson has been doing on her Self seems to be paying off

I was scanning the latest news about Kate Hudson after finding these pics of her in the new Self magazine. Funny enough, despite the obvious fitness tack her spread is taking, the most prominent headline is that Kate tends to let her weight fluctuate for the sake of repeated pizza binges. I'm with her on that. What's a couple of pounds when the alternative is no pizza? That's no way to...
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BOTB Kung Fu Panda Babes: Angelina Jolie vs Kate Hudson vs Lucy Liu

Last weekend THE 5TH WAVE did a major swan dive at the box office, even though a good lot of you are huge Chloe Moretz fans. And even though a lot of the comments picked either Chloe or JLaw for their favorite YA heroine, it was pretty damn close despite your claims of it being otherwise, with Jennifer eking out a win by 2 votes. (And Vits, don't despair with people voting you down for...
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I've had too many Kate Hudson and sodas and now I'm seeing double

Campari released their new 2016 calendar concept, which features Kate Hudson running against herself in some kind of boozy presidential election. Okay, but I think the Campari people have been indulging a little too heavy in their own product. Anyway, the various Kates look hot so that's good. She was even hotter at the red carpet event, where the second gen MILF hottie embraced the full...
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Kate Hudson shows off her impressive flexibility in Harper's Bazaar

Kate Hudson is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I normally eschew most romantic comedies except for the ones that feature Goldie's girl because, well, I just plain like her perkiness and sunny demeanor. Even if it's acting, I don't care. I just like her. As far as getting dudes to feel the same way that I do, Hudson has had a bit harder of a battle. She's been married once (to musician...
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Here are the rest of your 2015 Halloween celebrity hotties

This is by no means the entire list of famous hotties who dressed up this Halloween, but it's a pretty good selection of the hottest of them, all wrapped up in various costumes and hailing from all sorts of celebrity circles. Overall, not a bad year for hotties in slutty costumes. At least we didn't have any controversial outfits. Unless you judge exceedingly sexualized costumes to be a...
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More Kate Hudson sexiness

It appears Kate Hudson has come out of a long, slumbering hibernation to once again wreak havoc on the male libido. She's been off the radar so long, now returning with an endless stream of photos – candid and professional –, making it feel like Christmas in October. And they aren't just ones of her pumping gas, walking her dog or posing in pretentious artistic pics...
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Kate Hudson rocks some booty at the Kasbah premiere

There was a time when I would have argued that Kate Hudson's most enduring quality was that angel face that made her a star. But it seems that's one area where Kate didn't quite take after her mom, who managed to hang onto her similarly angelic face well into mid life. Kate pretty much looks like someone in her late 30s now, which isn't exactly a sin. However, what it does seem to imply is...
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