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Katharine McPhee sings the praises of her new magazine spread

They certainly took their time in putting together a celebratory event for Katharine McPhee and her Ocean Drive spread. We posted Kat's full spread almost a month ago. I'm not sure why they're just now getting around to promoting it, but in the end it doesn't really matter. What's important is this gave Katharine an excuse to show up with a dress which did an excellent job of...
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Katharine McPhee got a lot of mileage out of her striped bikini this weekend

There are some rumours going around right now that "Scorpion" star Katharine McPhee might have talked to her CBS buddy, Kaley Cuoco , and gotten the number of her excellent surgeon. I'm not saying that anyone has confirmed anything but if that's a boob job, it's definitely in the top tier of best boob jobs ever. It might be the explanation for why Katharine wore the...
3 days ago
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Katharine McPhee gives us one last summer fling

I suppose we're still in summer here in the northern hemisphere, at least for a few more hours. Although you wouldn't know it was almost fall from the temps where I am. I got people swimming outside my window, blazing heat beating down on everything. Might as well still be summer. Anyway, Katharine McPhee and the event organizers around her red carpet appearance here thought it would be...
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Katharine McPhee is the master of killing it at the award shows

Good lord does Katharine McPhee know how to wear an evening gown. I know that she's admitted to struggling with an eating disorder, having been told to lose weight if she wanted to gain role when trying to carve out a stage career before appearing on "American Idol," but Katharine is one of those womanly types who carries those extra 10 pounds other actresses kill themselves not to have far...
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Let's take an Ocean Drive with Katharine McPhee

Everybody's favorite songbird/crime show star Katharine McPhee has a spread in Ocean Drive magazine this month, wherein she once again looks damn amazing. And as usual, they left many of the best shots out of the final spread. They were kind enough to post a BTS video along with the article and photo spread which gives us a glimpse of a few of these missing shots, one of which is the...
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Katharine McPhee takes care of her valets

I've never been a valet anywhere, so I can't honestly comment on the kind of job it is. I've heard some horror stories and a few fond recollections. I suppose it depends on the place you work for and what kind of clientele you service. Working at an exclusive place like Craig's restaurant in LA probably has its perks. Lots of famous people come there, many with deep pockets full of cash for...
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Katharine McPhee attempts to get the whole world hot for her

Katharine McPhee was among the throngs of famous hotties at this special event for the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. I'm not sure what a clearly well sponsored event like this has to do with anything involving the UN or Ban Ki-moon. It's likely most of the people at these things don't know exactly why they're there or what it's all about either. But I'm sure inviting a bunch of famous...
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BOTB Pretty Kitties: Kat Dennings vs Kat Graham vs Katharine McPhee

It was a toss up last week between Heather Graham and Lena Headey for favorite bad mom, although props were given to Kim Basinger and my snafu got a few chuckles. Too bad BAD MOMS couldn't score more at the box office. While I want to laugh at the idea that NINE LIVES will fair any better at the box office this weekend, the film actually boasts a cast full of great people and it...
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Hottie Report Card: Katharine McPhee

There are all kinds of hotties and all kinds of reasons to love them. You got your singers, actresses, reality stars, models, and everything in between. Katharine McPhee has taken part in most of those pursuits in her time on the scene and in doing so endeared herself to fans of all those different genres of entertainment. She's done this by being the sweet-faced, well built,...
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If Katharine McPhee followed you home, would you keep her?

Easily one of the best pickup lines I've ever heard was the utterance of, "If I followed you home, would you keep me?" and while I might have answered no back then, I can guarantee you if Katharine McPhee had proposed the same thing, I would have jumped at the opportunity to adopt. Considering that she's now newly single after breaking up with her "Scorpion" co-star boyfriend, Elyes Gabel,...
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Katharine McPhee forgot her belt and struggled with director's chairs

Katharine McPhee was having some wardrobe trouble in a few different places yesterday. This tends to be the case when hotties try to couple short skirts with director's chairs. The two things simply aren't compatible for those who want to maintain their modesty before a crowd of press people. Fortunately Kat managed to hang on to her virtue while answering press questions. Her struggles on...
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Sexy TwitPics: Katharine McPhee

Try, if you will, to process this: 11 years have passed since we were first introduced to enduring hottie Katharine McPhee , winning hearts and minds on Season 5 of American Idol. It's hard for the cynical and alike to hear the term "blessed" and not cringe at the hokey implications that come with such a description. But when reflecting on a woman such as McPhee,...
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