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Katy Perry saved her best dress for the Grammy Awards after party

The 2017 Grammy Awards – or as Katy Perry thinks of it, an opportunity to tantalize the adoring public – aired last night, although, if it wasn't for a slew of beautiful industry babes making sexy appearances, I would've never known. Had there been any more boob popping out of that neckine, I may not have noticed the yellow head of hair on Katy, either. She showed up to...
7 days ago
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Don't you wish Katy Perry was at your office Christmas party

There's no shortage of gossip and rumor concerning Katy Perry and the status of her relationship with The Pirate Legolas. I'm not gonna add to the pile of nonsense there with any more speculation. It has no bearing on my life if they stay together or split. Nor anyone else's. One thing I do notice is how absent the other is from red carpet events like these. I don't know what that means,...
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Katy Perry was looking seriously stacked at the 2016 UNICEF Snowflake Ball

Ever notice Katy Perry fits the physical description of Snow White? In fact, every time I would think of my own revisionists version of the popular Disney character, her tits were closer in size to Katy's world-famous mounds. Anyway, the raven-haired beauty showed up to the UNICEF Snowflake Ball (whatever the f**k that is) packed into a lavish pearl frock, her neckline trimmed with...
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Katy Perry could have used a little help blowing out her candles

It was Katy Perry's 32nd birthday the other day. And in the usual tradition, Katy and some friends decided to have a little cake and ice cream to mark the occasion. Of course we know quite well from years of previous experience, how much of a tradition it is for Katy to bring maximum boobage to most anything she does. Thus the little lacy see thru number she wore to her party, which really...
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We should campaign to get Katy Perry into more tight t-shirts

She's had blue hair and green hair and rubber dresses and funky shoes, probably doing more with her image while still keeping a running theme, but it's the long black hair, dramatic classic colored makeup that I prefer best on Katy Perry . The look that the singer was rocking when she and fellow pop singer, Miley Cyrus visited the campus at the University of Las Vegas this past weekend was...
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A patriotic Katy Perry is the perfect throwback for this Thursday

Oh man does this make me yearn for 2012. We don't go into political stuff around here at Hotties because T&A exploitation is exactly the place you go to when you want to avoid all of that nonsense. But when it comes to outtakes from a 2012 photoshoot that Katy Perry did for Parade magazine, well, I think we can all stare at her Ts and A while they're enrobed in stars & stripes. Katy's...
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Katy Perry looks like a Dreamsicle with extra creamy filling

It's hard to say which one is more tasty right now - the ice cold orange and cream deliciousness above, or Katy Perry dressed up kinda like that freezer treat. Yeah okay, there's no comparison. What kind of idiot is knowingly gonna pass up Katy for a damn popsicle? None I ever heard of. These pics are from a few months ago, when Katy was in Vegas selling shoes for some reason....
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Marry/Date/Friend: Kaley Cuoco vs Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift

Congratulations! The enthusiasm with which you showed our first Marry/Date/Friend feature has just earned you a shot at categorizing some of the hottest female celebrities out there once more! In our premier post, featuring Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie, the vast majority of you wanted to put a ring on Harley Quinn, with the rest of you going back and forth over...
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Top 6 Hottest Singers (video)

It's not good enough to have a quality voice anymore in the music biz. In fact, one's singing skills are something they're fairly flexible about, now that Auto-Tune is a thing. No, the key feature of any aspiring young pop star is the bangability factor, which is to say do they make the kids horny for them? This is the true litmus test for anyone looking for success in that gig. Here...
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Katy Perry would sell more shoes if that was all she was wearing

I hate to say it, but Katy Perry is not making the most of her time with current beau, Orlando Bloom. While I'm happy to see that their bond appears to be breaking, judging by the annoyed look on her face when he was cuddling up to her a couple days after they were snapped by the paparazzi while he had his dick out, she really could have used that experience to teach her about selling a...
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Face Off: Salma Hayek vs. Katy Perry

It came down to a question of career achievements once again with Margot Robbie and Morena Baccarin in last week's Face Off . I agree with the Margot fans - she does have a bright future ahead of her. So does Morena. I'm looking forward to the Harley Quinn movie or SUICIDE SQUAD 2 just as much as DEADPOOL 2. But I'm more of a here and now kinda guy. In the here and now, who has the...
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These Katy Perry bikini pictures have too much Orlando Bloom in them

I want this Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom thing to be over already. I've read far too many stories about what a dick he can be and I feel strangely protective of my little Katy-Kat. Sure, people are already aware of her having bad taste in men, from Travie McCoy (whose drug addiction issues she wrote about in her song "Circle the Drain") to Russell Brand (who I actually didn't have a problem...
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