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Ana de Armas' beautiful red carpet walk

Here's the relatively unknown Ana de Armas attending the latest exploitation flick – in which she costars – from Eli Roth : Knock Knock . Now, I'm something of a movie idealist. I prefer not to know every little thing about the movie I'm seeing before I even see the damn thing – especially these types of movies that hinge everything on twists and turns. So...
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Hottie Clip: Lori Loughlin in The Night Before (1988)

On the lookout for more profound moments from Keanu Reeves's early acting journey? If you haven't seen THE NIGHT BEFORE, seek no further. Not to be confused with the upcoming Seth Rogen/Joseph Gordon-Levitt holiday comedy  THE NIGHT BEFORE . Today's clip is from the 1988 version, in which sans leather-Neo stars alongside lost beauty Lori Loughlin. It's a classic...
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BOTB Hot Cops: Brad Pitt vs Harrison Ford vs Keanu Reeves

Last week's storm babes brought in less bank than those pesky mutant turtles but there was still a large and equal amount of love for Emmy Rossum and Diane Lane, a couple of the dames who weathered the rough competition. This week, between the sausage fest that is THE EXPENDABLES 3 and the fake cop comedy LET'S BE COPS , I'm going with my 3 favorite manly protectors of the peace. If you...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Lori Loughlin

While watching this past week's episode of "Psych" I realized something - Lori Loughlin is still smoking hot! That's right folks, I'm talking about "Aunt Becky" from "Full House!" So many years later and she's still gorgeous. Today's Hottie Clip of the Day is from the woman's earlier years and the flick THE NIGHT BEFORE. In the clip a young Keanu Reeves gets very intimidated by Lori...
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