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If you didn't think Kim K could get anymore absurd-looking, you were wrong

We're ripping on Kim Kardashian again, this time with a twist. For once it's not her ballooning butt making her look ridiculous. Nah, Kim's found a new way to do that, as you can see in the gallery below. It's well established that I'm not much for blondes. That said, I don't think I've ever seen someone less suited to the platinum blonde look. Not only does it...
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Look kids, our good friend Kim Kardashian got naked again!

Yep, it's that time again. The media attention Kim Kardashian received the last time she got naked in a magazine has begin to wear off, thus opening the door for other members of her f*cked up family to steal some of her vapid limelight. That means it's time for her to once again bring out that overstuffed ass for another slutty spread in an obscure magazine. This time it's Love Magazine...
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Kim Kardashian's ass could literally break the internet

If you've been anywhere around the Web today where people are talking about things happening on the Web today, you probably saw these pics of Kim Kardashian on the cover of Paper Magazine, doing what she does best - namely squeezing every last ounce of attention she can get from the ample supply she's packing into that massive pooper of hers....
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Let us make up for that Kardashian post with more of Kendall Jenner's ass

As usual, ya'll had no shortage of things to say about Kim Kardashian and her latest undeserved honors. Okay, we knew you were going to get bent out of shape over that. However, you should know by now that Kim feeds off of your anger. The only way to kill her is to pretend she doesn't exist. But anyway, let's move on from Kim to her sister Kendall Jenner , who I think we can agree is at...
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Kim Kardashian is GQ's Woman of the Rear

Yes, everyone's favorite hottie to hate, Kim Kardashian , has landed herself a place of honor in British GQ magazine's Women of the Year edition. To celebrate her "achievement," Kim decided to do what she does best, namely get naked and take pictures. It's actually an appropriate response. Let's face it, despite the shows and the fashion shit and all the rest of the crap she's come up with...
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Sharpen your hating skills with some see thru Kardashian ass pics

The last few weeks have seen Kim Kardashian , aka the woman you love to hate, making a concerted effort to shove the more sensitive parts of her anatomy into the media's face at every possible occasion. I've done my best to ignore her efforts, because I know how butt hurt many of you become at the sight of her. Unfortunately, ignoring Kim doesn't work. It's like ignoring the killer bee hive...
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Does Kendall Jenner's tight butt make up for all that Kardashian flab?

I think it's clear the majority of the Kardashian's have become content to roll in the millions they "earn" for their bullshit and have stopped putting much effort into trying to keep themselves at least passably fit. All except for Kendall Jenner and also her younger sister Kylie. While certainly caught up in all that bullshit their family pawns off as entertainment to the junk food masses,...
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Kim Kardashian's butt is getting big enough to pull satellites out of orbit

I've been content to defend Kim Kardashian's butt for some time now. Not Kim herself mind you, who we all know is utterly useless in every way. Just her ass. I can understand how folks might find all of her undesirable. Believe me, it's not easy to give praise to someone who deserves anything but that. Still, the gonads win in the end for me. Given the opportunity, I can't honestly say that...
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Hottie Report Card: Khlo Kardashian

After several weeks of handing out A's to some top-shelf hotties, I had an urge to put someone to the test who isn't a complete knockout. I even asked you schmoes to do me the honor of picking out such a celeb, but the only one to respond with a valid suggestion was americanmoviefan , who recommended  Khloé Kardashian . I thought at least one person would...
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Check out Kim Kardashian's post baby bikini body

Speaking of showing off asses, the pics of everyone's favorite reality joke, Kim Kardashian , showing off her post baby bikini body have come out. Nothing at all prearranged in these pics, as usual with her. I've been reading some of the supposed findings of many an internet detective, all with their own theories on the elaborate make-up or even prosthetic devices Kim must have applied to...
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