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Meanwhile, Ke$ha keeps up her standard of cray-cray for iHeartMusic Festival in Las Vegas

While Taylor Swift might be predictable enough to know she's almost always boring, Ke$ha is supremely similar to Swift... in the fact that she's just as predictable at being weird. Granted, I want to point out that prior to taking the stage with her Jack Daniels (and having Joan Jett join her to play guitar at one point) the images of the glittery pop singer are showing a very healthy, fit...
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Hot or Not: Ke$ha

A few weeks back we took a look at Nicki Minaj and tried to figure out if we could look past the cartoonish nature of the persona and see the hotness within. Turns out that the majority of those who responded found Minaj to come up far lacking. How about we go to the white side of the glittered rainbow and check out this week's Hot or Not selection. Ke$ha I know, I...
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