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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Stacked Hotties

"Who doesn't love tits?", as Leonardo Dicaprio once said whilst portraying Howard Hughes in THE AVIATOR. There's a short list of moments in a given day that wouldn't be greatly improved with a tasty set of cans, and I'm not talking about chicken soup. While we firmly appreciate celebrity racks of all shapes and sizes at MovieHotties, today we'll...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Kelly Brook

Sometimes you just have to surrender to the urges to ogle footage of Kelly Brook on a Monday afternoon, even if it's taken from footage of one of the worst-looking movies ever to come out of the United Kingdom, KEITH LEMON: THE FILM. A movie so bad, not even Kelly could save it. Why do we spend our money on 80 minutes of rubbish, only for the mere seconds we might get to see a busty...
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Sexy TwitPics: Kelly Brook

Can you believe I've been running this column for almost a year now, and still have yet to feature our favorite English hourglass-mimicking hottie, Kelly Brook ? Almost seems like sacrilege, considering she's one of the most consistently featured ladies on Movie Hotties, and whose social media lifeline has outlasted many others. She's quite well-known amongst those in th United...
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A blindfolded Kelly Brook searches for things...with her tongue

My inclination is to give Kelly Brook exalted status by virtue of her spectacular body, which probably amuses you English folks who know her for more than just her various magazine spreads and candid bikini photos. The other half of the truth is that Kelly does a lot of what some might consider "low brow" TV stuff as well, like the ITV2 show Celebrity Juice. I've been catching up on...
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