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Gigi, Bella and Kendall are the next generation of Victoria's Secret

The holidays bring a lot of things, among them colder temps, abundant carbs, horrible debt, frequent bouts of depression, eventual annoyance with manufactured Christmas cheer, and so on. One relatively positive thing which comes with this time of year is the annual Victoria's Secret holiday show. This is their big chance to put their best foot forward in the form of Earth's hottest models, all...
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Kendall Jenner loves them skin tight outfits

Going on the assumption that is Kendall Jenner wearing some form of Halloween costume, the outfit is entirely indistinguishable from what she normally wears for a night out on the town. After giving it little thought, I have deduced that Kendall went as her sister, Kylie Jenner, for Halloween. I really don't understand the hate for Kendall. She checks the only box that's important:...
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Kendall Jenner was in New York to register voters & show off pokies

I probably shouldn't make fun of the family Kendall Jenner comes from, especially when she's in the middle of an anti-bullying campaign. The 20-year old model is talking about the subject in the latest issue of Garage magazine, saying, "Let's face it... Everyone is going to have an opinion. Best advice I have is to realize just that, everyone's always going to be...
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Haters be damned, these Jenner sisters know a thing or two about bikinis

It's become something of a pastime for people to rip on Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner for their various crimes against popular culture. Do they deserve the treatment they get? I suppose there's a valid argument that they bring it upon themselves. Although I would also point a finger at the parentage these two were stuck with, or lack thereof. When you consider who they come from, I'm...
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Kendall Jenner's see through dress proves it's what's underneath that counts

When it comes to the Jenner's and the Kardashians, my opinions align with the majority of objectionable views; those views that constantly manifest in the form of straight up hate speech. The only exception being the ever perky Kendall Jenner , or as I think of her: the hot one. That's right, I said it– Kendall is hot. So hot (to me, anyway), her family ties don't even...
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Much of Kendall Jenner on display while out with her model buddies

There are plenty of hotties featured around the web who play the attention game – it's why they're featured and that's the only real reason many of them are even remotely famous. Charlotte McKinney, Bella Thorne (before you call bullshit on that one; has she proven herself to possess any other talent than looking sexy as f**k?), and Emily Ratajkowski, just to name a few. And...
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Kendall Jenner is the one good thing to come from the Kardashian travesty

Every new Kim Kardashian spread arrives with fresh diatribes against the entire surviving Kardashian clan. Fair enough. They deserve as much criticism as can be thrown at them and then some. Whenever this ire rises, I feel the need to separate Kendall Jenner from that lot. For one thing, she isn't a Kardashian. Yes, she is part of that whole lot and as such not entirely immune from their...
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Love magazine gets you in the Valentine spirit with hotties such as Rita Ora & more

Whether it's Gigi Hadid lifting her top to tease us with impending boob flauntage, her sister Bella Hadid lounging seductively across the hood of a car or breathtaking German beauty Jasmine Sanders slaying you with her eyes, Love Magazine knows exactly what they're doing with this little series of single shots. For the month of February, those of us out there who are alone and...
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Kendall Jenner in a see-through dress may help you understand the mass infatuation

I'll just start by saying I really don't understand the constant attention the Jenner brood gets; same goes for their close relatives the Kardashians. I know I'm in the minority when I say I don't find any of them that attractive – save for one. Kendall Jenner is the anti-ugly duckling; the one beautiful swan amidst a litter of dull feathered siblings. It wasn't...
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We can't rightly show one Jenner sister's bikini pics and not the other's

You guys and your knee jerk reactions to the Kardashians crack me up sometimes. Hey, I loathe them just as much as you do. I'm still a guy though. And as a guy, there's no way my gonads would allow me to turn away the barely legal baby of that bunch with her huge rack falling out of bikinis. Now talk to me in 5 years and it will probably be a different story with her. But for right...
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Kendall Jenner inserting something into anything is worth a peek

I don't know much about Kendall Jenner except that trying to follow her family tree is as confusing as looking at a car wreck through a kaleidoscope. In some way she is related to those Kardashians , but you'd never know that based on her physical attributes. The dark hair and caramel complexion not withstanding, the lack of - shall we say voluptuousness - is a glaring difference....
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Sexy TwitPics: April 2014

My goodness May just really popped out of nowhere, didn't it? It seems like only yesterday we were in January, debating whether to see THE WEDDING RINGER or TAK3N for a second time, and suddenly, we're already in blockbuster season. Now that same tug-of-war falls between HOT PURSUIT and PITCH PERFECT 2. Why must there be no easy decisions in life? Well, it was a little...
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