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The Emmy hotties are everywhere and sexier than ever!

Update: I thought last weekend's event was the Emmy ceremony but turns out it was just a pre-show event. This is the real deal! You really gotta love television sometimes ladies and gents. These TV producers know how to find some of the hottest and most talented actresses on the planet and really put them to work. Whether it's playing a modern housewife, a crime scene...

Keri Russell gives great face at the Running Wilde panel

There's a lot of television talk recently, leaving me a little lost and left searching to figure out what's going on in the small screen world. I keep discovering some great pics of the lovely ladies of this fall's TV line-up, including Keri Russell sporting some expressions of genuine joy and humour... or an attempt to try and prove she's not had Botox? I looked up the premise to the show...

Hot or Not: Keri Russell

I understand that the many fine (and perhaps not so fine) attributes of Keri Russell were discussed not too long ago by my co-worker, Mr. Pink, but I thought that we could have a more generalized discussion about the actress, rather than ripping her into pieces for data analysis. See these two fingers, Mr. Pink? *wink* Keri Russell...

Body Shop: Keri Russell

Some chicks have been around forever, but still seem a bit under the radar. They may be hot, talented, even relatively well known, but at the end of the day they just don't get into the celebrity hottie conversation very much. So let's take a little time to reacquaint ourselves with: KERI RUSSELL ! Check her out in - Extraordinary...

ScreenCaps - Keri Russell

Keri Russell Do you think that up-skirt shot is really her? There are tons of quality caps from 8 DAYS A WEEK below but that one shot has had me tossing and turning at night. We have a right to know who's panties we're looking at dammit! Are there stunt muffs in Hollywood? Why do I have so many fucked up questions running through my head?

Battle of the Babes #33

Either I can get them right, as most people seemed to like drooling over Ryan Reynold's Lucky Bastard Babes from last week, or I get a helluva lot more commenting when I get them wrong and people whine about not picking chicks that are babes. I find it amusing. Beauty and what contributes to - or detracts from - it, is in the eye of the beholder. I like big bewbs and...

Russell Beds London

Keri Russell was in London over the weekend for the premiere of her upcoming movie, BEDTIME STORIES . After reporting about her creepy pedophile looking spread in the upcoming Details magazine, it's nice to see the woman with some clothes on. Even though she's suffering a little too much from Lollipop Syndrome. She's beautiful, but someone please feed her a peanut or something.

Russell in Detail

These pictures of Keri Russell make me feel like a pedophile. I'm really not sure what Details magazine was attempting to do with the normally very good looking actress, but I'm more than a little creeped out. Especially when you factor in that it's probably a part of the promotion for her upcoming family movie release, BEDTIME STORIES . Gah.... the one with the teddy bear is giving me the...

Keri's Pokey Bewbs

Sadly, the MILF bewbs have not stayed in place in Keri Russell's case. The sharpness and definition of the nipples are always a plus (really, there's the judgment of the bewb as a whole and then the nipples seriously get their own category, you know that's true) and the tight athletic nature of her ass is quite appealing as well. But will someone please remind that bitch...

Oscar Hotties 2/3

It was a hell of night everybody and even if your main choices didn't win in each category, (That's quite a few for me) it was still a terrific show and it was pretty much down to the point except for the odd little montage here and there (WTF was with the binoculars bit?). Another thing that was pretty obvious is that the beautiful women who came to the event looked downright...

Oscar Hotties 1/3

It was a night of pure gold and platinum ladies and gents as the "80th Annual Academy Awards" event took place earlier this evening in the Hollywood capital and it was a damn good show. It's my favourite event of the entire year and nothing is more exciting then seeing the top talent in entertainment all gathered under one roof to honour those who did an exceptional job in the prior...

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