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Rumer Willis showed off her All-American hot body in Vegas for the 4th

I don't know what Rumer Willis did to jack up her foot since hoofing it out to the top spot during this year's "Dancing with the Stars" competition, but the leggy brunette has been wearing that boot for a bit now. It certainly didn't stop her from putting on a stars-and-stripes bikini top and partying with the best of them (if you can consider Khloe Kardashian one of the best of them) in Las...
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Hottie Report Card: Khlo Kardashian

After several weeks of handing out A's to some top-shelf hotties, I had an urge to put someone to the test who isn't a complete knockout. I even asked you schmoes to do me the honor of picking out such a celeb, but the only one to respond with a valid suggestion was americanmoviefan , who recommended  Khloé Kardashian . I thought at least one person would...
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Surely there are a few of you who want to bang Khloe Kardashian

You might be like a lot of other people who enjoy hating on Khloe Kardashian . I guess I can see why folks do that. It's easy to lump her together with her sister. You probably can tell by now that I don't share your feelings, at least to the extent of her physical attributes. Personality wise, I can see why folks would be annoyed by her. Still, looking at her here in that tight dress, I'm...
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Hate if you want, but Khloe's is the only bangable Kardashian butt left

I'm sure all you Kardashian haters have already skipped all this and are currently harnessing your rage for a nasty comment to post below. Comment away, I wont stop you. This is not about whether this is a loathsome family. Obviously they are. Right now, I'm all about the condition of those legendary asses they carry around. For a long time, Kim was the one monopolizing the ass...
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