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These Kristen Bell pics are a perfect way to kickstart my excitement

Seeing all these pictures just makes me think three things. One. When will Kristen and I finally meet and consummate our love? Two. Why the f*ck did they need a Kickstarter for this thing? They're famous and rich and they needed f*cking Kickstarter? F*cking really?!?!??!?!! And three. What the f*ck is VERONICA MARS ? WHAT IS IT?! Sorry. It's a little early and I haven't had...
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Kate Hudson's still bringing the booty to her latest movie set

Kate Hudson is back to doing the California girl thing, including the return of her Penny Lane blonde curls as she is in the middle of filming WISH I WAS HERE. Makes sense that she's getting sentimental on her decade old look, seeing as how this is the "sequel" to the fan-favorite GARDEN STATE, mainly funded by director Zach Braff's Kickstarter campaign to get the ball rolling. One cast...
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