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The kids and I choose Victoria Justice as our favorite Nick hottie

I love that these girls are dressing up and looking so sexy at the Kid's Choice Awards. Yeah, they range from conservative to cute for the most part, but if I was a kid seeing gals  looking like this ( especially those pics of Nicola Peltz from earlier in a sexy midriff revealing outfit), I'd have gone through puberty on the spot. I'd grow a few feet, my voice would drop...
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Victoria Justice looked fab at the 2013 Kids Choice Awards but missed Katy Perry's lap

Victoria Justice has set a bar for herself when it comes to these red/blue/green carpets that she walks and she very rarely, if ever, disappoints. Her hair is a shiny mane of luxury, her smile is bright and wide, her eyes don't have that glazed over, child actress gloom to them. While she might not have been involved with the Girl Lovin' getting passed around at the event, Justice...
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Katy, KStew, Selena and more show massive Girl Love at the 2013 Kids Choice Awards

When you have a pop star who sling-shot her fame into the stratosphere by singing about kissing a girl, it makes sense that she'd be the quick to cuddle type. What's awesome about watching Katy Perry get close to all these young starlets at the 2013 Kids Choice Awards is that Nickelodeon approves of such (albeit PG-13) antics. Would this have been an awards ceremony over at the House of...
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