So how is Dakota Johnson doing on the 50 Shades of Grey set?

Looks like they're getting up to some serious petting on set of 50 SHADES OF GREY currently filming in Vancouver, though at this point in the shoot the petting is mostly confined to the stray dogs. Doesn't seem like they've gotten to the whips and chains part yet. Is anyone really anticipating this? Are there armies of kink curious women massing to invade theaters once this thing comes out? I...

Cate Blanchett gets all bound up

Wow, this is not a scenario I ever expected to find Oscar's BFF Cate Blanchett involved in - much less for anything intended for public display. I've been a fan of Cate since ELIZABETH. I think she's one of the greatest, most multifaceted actresses of the last 20 years. I wouldn't have taken her for a bondage fan though. Maybe this was just something she did just for this photoshoot for...

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