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Battle of the Babes Anchorman 2 Edition: Kirsten Dunst vs Meagan Good vs Amy Poehler

Seems that most of you weren't really all that interested in the tributes from any district other than Jennifer Lawrence and her fine ass. Sure, Leven Rambin was your go-to girl in a pinch but the response last week was lackluster at best. So I thought maybe we could look at some of the women from this week's comedy release, ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES. If you're noticing that Tina...

Kirsten Dunst's polka-dot clad hotness goes down like a fine scotch

I think everyone and their mother could call themselves an ANCHORMAN fan. It somehow became a cult phenomenon and now with the sequel coming out in a few short weeks, I find myself waiting in anxious anticipation just hoping to see whether the movie is good or not. Lucky Kirsten Dunst gets to find out first, though. By the looks of it, Kirsten decided to hit up the ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND...

Kirsten Dunst does the artsy photoshoot thing for Bullett magazine's spring issue

Kirsten Dunst is now nearly 30-years old and people are still asking her about what it was like to share her first kiss with Brad Pitt when she was an 11-year old child actress in the movie INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE. "It was just a peck," she told Bullett magazine, which features the actress in an odd photo spread for their 2013 spring issue. "Everyone at the time was like, 'You're so...

Amanda isn't the only actress going out and about these days, just ask Amy, Dianna, Eva, Kaley and more

It seems that I might be focusing too much on the tawdry angle of what's going down in the life of Amanda Bynes, so how about we see what other actresses are doing, eh? Amy Smart went to a friend's birthday party, bringing her pokies as one of the best gifts ever. Dianna Agron got on the phone to try and get answers on why Kristen Bell named her newborn daughter LINCOLN....

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Couch Potatoes

I missed St. Patrick's Day in the sense that I didn't eat cabbage or corned beef or even mashed potatoes. I didn't drink (early hours at the day job) and I was in bed by 11:30pm. It made me think about how I spent the hour before bed, sprawled lazily on the couch, reading a book, and then I thought... coach potato. Potatoes are Irish. I can make that a Ten Spot, right?

Kirsten Dunst is looking nicely vertical at the Upside Down premiere

I might not have caught Kirsten Dunst's big "comeback" when she did MELANCHOLIA (while I loved BREAKING THE WAVES, Lars von Trier lost me completely with DANCER IN THE DARK and especially the agonizingly retched DOGVILLE), I have been getting into her more grown-up roles in flicks like ALL THE GOOD THINGS. Fine, so I watched that because I love the Gosling, as most women do. But she was great...

Flashback Friday: Revisiting hot Kirsten Dunst

One of the things that bugs me about the Sam Raimi SPIDER-MAN movies was the effect they seemed to have on Kirsten Dunst . Back when the first Spidey movie came out, Kirsten was one of the elite hottie sex symbols. Tongues were wagging all over the place for spreads like those below which were in all the major magazines. Everyone was hot for Kirsten. But something happened after the...

The Sexy Ten Spot: Gorgeous Golden Goddess

The Oscars are headed our way (or the Academy Awards, if you're snooty like that) and there's going to be a lot of talk about the gold getting given away. So I went in search not for those who have won gold in the past (although there's one in there) or those who are nominated (one of those too) but rather some of the women who look more fetching in gold than any naked dude holding a sword does.

And now a Movie Hotties tribute to Movie Cheerleaders!

You may remember a couple months back when MovieHotties presented a Tribute to Movie Strippers , which was all sorts of dirty fun. Well, today we're bringing you a similar compilation, this time dedicated to Movie Cheerleaders! Now that the Super Bowl has passed, we're going to suffer from an unfortunate deprivation of short skirts and pom poms for months to come. That's why we've put...

Kristen Stewart bares tummy (and tongue) at AFI screening of On the Road

Might as well rename ON THE ROAD to THE MOVIE WHERE KRISTEN STEWART SHOWS HER TITS. At least, from scrounging around on the internet, you'd begin to believe that's the only thing that the film has to offer. In reality, ON THE ROAD is based off the great book by Jack Kerouac and has a screenplay adaptation by Jose Rivera, a writer who brought us the greatness in that old 90's series, "Eerie,...

Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher do the red carpet for Bachelorettes

The triple threat of Kirsten Dunst , Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher have yet another wedding-themed movie coming out, for which they did the red carpet premiere thing. I'd say Isla is the winner here with her red hair and bright smile. Kirsten seems annoyed with the entire thing and Lizzy looks high as shit. Isla might win, but I'm more in line with Kirsten and Lizzy. I'd have to be drugged...

Is Emma Watson ever gonna lighten up?

Is it just me or does Emma Watson always seem a bit agitated at something? I think I've seen more turtles do backflips than I've seen her smile in public. Even her Instagram photos are dull. I would think Hermoine would be ecstatic to be away from Hogwarts at last, but maybe it's idiots like me who won't quit making Harry Potter references that's got her panties in a twist. Just smile,...

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