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Britt Maren makes things even hotter in the kitchen for Sports Illustrated

She was born in Sweden but raised in Houston, Texas, so there's a little bit of sweet with the heat that comes off of Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model, Britt Maren . The leggy blonde model did a cute cooking themed photoshoot for the men's magazine's Swim Daily feature they do for their website, posing with various tools from the kitchen and getting your tools ready for tasting....
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Amanda Righetti's hot ginger MILF self is the latest to show you her place

Esquire magazine stumbled on to one of the hottest ideas since Maxim started putting actresses, models, singers and the like on the covers of their magazine in various states of lingerie-cladness or undress. That idea is the Me in My Place set of photoshoots that Esquire releases at least once a month, like a kinder, more sensual monthly visitor. This month's featured hottie is "The...
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Julie Benz wants you in her kitchen so she can feed you for Zooey magazine

I like Julie Benz enough so long as she isn't playing Darla or Rita. I figured her for a healthy eater - woman is thin and trim at 41-years old - but after knowing that she was once the cozy housewife to a serial killer of serial killers (sorry, BLOOD SPLATTER ANALYST), there's a shiver that goes down my spine when I think about her around knives or other potentially dangerous kitchenware...
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