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Exclusive: Four badass pics of Summer Glau from Knights of Badassdom!

We've had a bit of a wait for KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, but now that the movie is making its way onto Digital and On Demand February 11th, we finally get to see how badass those knights can get against the summoning of demons from hell. While I'm looking forward to seeing all around awesome guy Peter Dinklage swinging a sword again, I'm particularly eager to see what kind of badassdom his co-star...
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Hot or Not: Margarita Levieva

Not a whole lot of feedback last week for Angelique Cabral but I sort of like getting some lesser known names out there, especially if they're worth watching for the talent and perhaps the face/body as well. This week, I'm featuring an actress from the release-plagued KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM because I've been waiting forever to watch it and I'm feeling similar about this lady potentially...
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