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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Chicks in Elevators

Hotties in elevators - something so good they made a song all about them. Why is an elevator such a universally appealing thing, both for perverts and the proper alike? Is it the close quarters? Or the possibility of getting caught doing whatever your sick mind compels you to do? Probably a bit of both. Whatever is behind it, elevators are a common setting for all sorts of sexy hijinks...

TGIFs: Cheerleader Edition (Exclusive)

The time of endless potato chips, expensive beer commercials and halftime power outages is finally upon us. Of course, I'm referring to the NFL Super Bowl XXLMFBO this Sunday. Good times will be had watching a bunch of muscleheads send each other to the hospital, but if enough time goes by without unexpected ambulance arrivals, things can get pretty slow at times. Luckily,...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Heather Graham

I'm sitting here thinking about it and I honestly can't think of a flick that Heather Graham was in where she didn't look knockout gorgeous. Go ahead. Try it. You can't right? Pretty impressive. Needless to say I'm going with Graham for today's Hottie Clip of the Day. What clip am I choosing? Decisions decisions.. I'm going with one of my personal faves - the Red Sox cleavage scene...

Hottie Clip #641 - Krista Allen's Boobs Scene - LIAR LIAR (HD)

Krista Allen's Boobs Scene - "LIAR LIAR" (HD)

Hottie Clip #434

Krista Allen's Big Jugs - "LIAR LIAR"

ScreenCaps - Krista Allen

Krista Allen Getting these caps together let me find out a bunch of shit about myself. I realized I liked ANGER MANAGEMENT more than I thought. It reminded me how fucking funny Jim Carrey is in LIAR LIAR. And finally, it allowed me to declare that I love FEAST with all my heart. By the way, if you want to see Krista naked, a lot, go rent the EMMANUELLE series of movies. I...

Hottie Clip #283

Krista Allen Taking A Hot Bath - "SHUT UP AND KISS ME"

Guess The Mystery Hottie?

With guesses ranging from Patricia Velasquez to Krista Allen, no one correctly identified last week's mystery hottie, who was an Indian actress named Padma Lakshmi . You may know her from The Food Network's Padma's Passport or from a supporting role in the recent mini-series The Ten Commandments . We have no idea of her level of fame in Bollywood but she seems to be making a significant...

Clooney back with Krista?

Despite every sentient being (including particularly cognizant plants) at the Academy Awards fawning all over George Clooney, he reportedly chose to spend the night canoodling with his former softcore porn flame Krista Allen. The ubiquitous anonymous source mentioned: They looked really happy and relaxed together. They were holding hands and flirting like any loved-up couple...

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