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You could overdose on the Kristen Bell cuteness in Parents magazine

I can think of a lot of different things that one could take on in abundance with different consequences but I see absolutely nothing wrong with going overboard on the Kristen Bell , especially when she looks as cute as she does here for the November issue of Parents magazine. KBell is so fit and petite that I find myself remembering that she chucked out a couple of daughters with Dax...
11 hours ago
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Kristen Bell's plunging Emmy dress neckline was flat out awesome

Kristen Bell is a great sport, often one of the few actresses at red carpets events such as the 2016 Emmy Awards who will make cute faces or try to pose with a bit of character rather than be consumed with worry that a wrinkle will pop out or an unflattering image will destroy their life. And while she might not have the cleavage that Kirsten Dunst has , this fiery MILF doesn't give two...
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Kristen Bell explores her light & dark sides for Emmy magazine

I really do love me some Kristen Bell . It all stems from a friend forcing me to watch "Veronica Mars," when I kept objecting with the complaint that its star looked far too cutesy-pie, Disney Channel to be to my liking. I was wrong. I'm glad I was wrong. Bell has this way of looking super sweet but having a bite sharper than the outer sour coating of a Warheads candy, flipping heavy metal...
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Kristen Bell is the sweetest Bad Mom on the red carpet

Kristen Bell has always been a little sugar cube of babeliciousness but dolling up in an adorable yellow dress for the red carpet premiere of her latest movie, BAD MOMS only adds to her sweetness. Bell has been talking a bit about her marriage, finally sharing wedding pictures after having wed longtime beau, actor Dax Shepard, in 2013. If there's a Hollywood couple that I love to follow,...
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Face Off: Mila Kunis vs. Kristen Bell

I take it some of you disagreed with some of my sentiments toward Zoe Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez in last week's Face Off . I get it. Zoe is kind of a sacred cow for a lot of folks. I like her too. For whatever reason Michelle just stacks up better for me. Go figure. Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell head up this week's BAD MOMS, yet another raunchcom with a twist. I can't...
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Kristen Bell is a sexy do-gooder for REFUGEE exhibit

If you have no idea what Annenberg Space For Photography is – besides an event that provides opportunities for hotties like  Kristen Bell to sport plunging neckline's – you should really check out their site . They're basically artists/do-gooders that have an excellent new exhibit out called REFUGEE. They themselves describe it as follows: Through images...
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Kristen Bell goes strapless like a boss at red carpet premiere

If there's anyone I'd be willing to wait ages to complete my DMV paperwork, it's certainly my favorite little marshmallow, Kristen Bell . While she's far more well known for voicing Anna from FROZEN, I found it charming that Bell was picked as the voice for Priscilla, one of the sloths working at the DMV in ZOOTOPIA. In a completely different role, Bell is appearing in this week's release,...
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The Top 10 Hotties as Slave Leia

It's here, you freaks. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS has finally been delivered to the doorsteps of your collective fanboy dreams, complete with old Han Solo and a revisiting of the hottest thing to come out of the STAR WARS universe - chicks in Leia's famous gold slave bikini costume. Here are ten of my favorite hotties to put on the chains & buns.
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Chrissy Teigen's legs in a minidress for a trip to Wonderland

How many hot celebrity females out there are Target shareholders? This week we saw a few of them flock to some of event called Target Wonderland – no doubt an effort by the superstore to boost holiday season commerce. Among them were Kristen Bell , Malin Akerman and a not so pregnant looking, Chrissy Teigen . Maybe they're not shareholders; Maybe they accepted a bribe of...
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The super fine Kristen Bell is right on Target

We've been seeing far less of our beloved Kristen Bell outside of her FROZEN job requirements. Popping out a couple of babies has given the blonde shortie something else to keep busy with outside of entertaining us fans. Kristen put on some sparkles and a smile, showing off those tasty MILF curves when she attended the Target Wonderland VIP event, stopping only to grit her teeth through the...
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Hottie Clip: Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars

Forgetting Sarah Marshall's birthday would be a crime against humanity, so let's all send our love to today's birthday girl, Kristen Bell ! So as to be polite, I won't say what age she's turned, but here's a hint: it rhymes with schmirty-schmive. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her schmirty-schmourth birthday, and if you've followed...
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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Movie Hotties in Lingerie!

Since the late nineteenth century, visually appealing undergarments have played a pivotal role in the entertainment of humankind. Even before moving pictures existed, villagers and townsfolk would pay good coin to be teased by the high kicks of burlesque dancers, flashing their stockings and decorated pantyhose. Throughout many decades of cinema history, lingerie has...
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