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Marry/Date/Friend: Anna Paquin vs Kristen Stewart vs Nina Dobrev

When it came to the ladies of Christmas movies, you were fans of all but dominated by the awesome ass of Elizabeth Banks, who ranked the top pick for wife material out of the three. It was an even mix of those who were partial to friending or dating Zooey Deschanel and Lauren Graham, with only one vote each for those two being your favorite choice for long term love. I'll be...
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Kristen Stewart goes totally blonde, completely shirtless at NYFF premiere

I hope it's still not a thing to hate on Kristen Stewart . Since leaving the throes of TWILIGHT, most of the projects that the actress has taken on have been warmly received by critics (AMERICAN ULTRA and SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN aside) and with the public coming out in her personal life, Kristen definitely seems far more relaxed than she ever was in the past. And you have to forgive her...
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Kristen Stewart gets as sexy as Elle China will allow

I don't know about the rest of you, but aside from watching the killer moves of Simone Biles, I have mainly steered clear of watching the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. I don't care about most sports and there's just too much else to watch that I don't have time to wallow in weird stuff that I normally wouldn't care about. Sure, back when you were limited in your options, the...
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Kristen Stewart's bleached blonde goth look slays on Elle UK cover

Kristen Stewart tends to skew on the conservative side when she appears in photoshoots for magazines, forgoing those typical sexualized poses and body part flaunting images that other actresses seemingly are pressured into. While I wouldn't complain if KStew decided to get her groove on in that regard a little more, I appreciate that she's one of the few out there who has command of her...
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Kristen Stewart's Personal Shopper pics from Cannes are personally stunning

At what point did people decide that they hated Kristen Stewart ? I've heard different tales from different people and have even altered my opinion of the actress over the years but I'm wondering what exactly it was that made so many people make a collective grimace whenever she's mentioned. Was it TWILIGHT? Even Kristen insists that she wasn't 100% on that but why is it so bad to have a...
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Oh hey! You Cannes see through Kristen Stewart's blouse!

Deciding to forgo a bra is nothing new to Kristen Stewart . She did it earlier this week when she first arrived at Cannes for the CAFE SOCIETY photocall and about a billion other times when she's been snapped by the paps while out and about. I just love that she's getting this free while on the red carpet, especially at Cannes, where there is a high heel shoe requirement at the events. The...
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Kristen Stewart brings the gift of midriff to the people of France

The 69th annual Cannes Film Festival officially kicks off this evening, but we already have hotties like Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively acting as forerunners to the abundance of red carpet sexiness that will follow in the days to come; let the look-at-me games begin. The often gloomy Stewart arrived wearing a white t-shirt, tight skirt combo that's perfectly suited to...
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Kristen Stewart is blonde, see-through & leather tight for Jodie Foster

I will never, for the life of me, understand why Kristen Stewart polarizes so many people. People either hate her direly or love her in a creepy, hyperventilating asthmatic stalker kind of way. I thought it was cool that Jodie Foster got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week and figured that some of her co-stars might show up for the celebration but I hadn't really guessed it...
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Kristen Stewart looks like a sexy don for the new Chanel campaign

Kristen Stewart may often look like she's suffering from a never ending case of mono but if her latest collaboration with Chanel tells us anything it's this: she can bring the sexy when she's ready. The Paris, Film Nior theme cliché aside, these are a fine bunch of images featuring Hollywood's gloomiest Gus. While her facial expressions are still limited to the...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Hottest Babes from Movies Set in the 50s

We remember the 1950s as one of the more sexuality surprised periods in modern history. Those were the days when people on TV slept in separate beds and guys had to sneak into back rooms and back alleys in trench coats to get their porn fixes. Different times, but interestingly enough, we seem to look back on those days with a much more open minded perspective - especially where the...
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Kristen Stewart showing some leg in a cute little minidress

The first week of 2016 has been something of a slow start to the new year; all of the 'A list hotties are in hibernation, spending holiday time with family and friends or plotting the trajectory of their career-oriented goals for this year. It shouldn't be much longer until we have better photo sets to drool over, but for now, some pics of this downbeat dame attending the National...
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The Top 10 Highest Paid Hotties of 2015

With the Oscar contender THE BIG SHORT getting a limited release this weekend, focusing on the financial ruin of America in recent years, I thought we could take a look at some of the ladies bucking the trend. These aren't in order of who makes most but rather a culling of those from music, acting, modeling and sports that I happen to find very attractive - both in looks and bank account...
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