Emmanuelle Chriqui was the finest piece of art at this year's Elysium gala

The other half of this week's Face Off , Emmanuelle Chriqui , was among many a sexy celeb at this year's Art of Elysium Gala. I still have no idea what the hell this thing is, but it does seem to draw the hotties in droves. Basically, if you were a famous hottie and didn't find yourself walking a Golden Globes red carpet or any of the associated red carpets at the after parties, then you...
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Claudia Romani wants you to stuff her stocking

I am really missing Maitland Ward. Last year we already had her sexy Xmas photoshoot, complete with Christmas lights strung around her breasts. While I have heard some suggest that Italian model and Miami bikini exhibitionist, Claudia Romani could be a replacement for her, there really isn't a comparison in my mind. I don't understand Romani's appeal, although I will also be the first to...
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You may now peruse Salma Hayek's entire super hot GQ Mexico spread

One thing which always annoys me about highly anticipated spreads like this one of Salma Hayek in the new GQ Mexico, is how the first pics to come out always seem to be from some total idiot using a scanner from the last millennium. The result is a series of shitty-looking images I then have to go in and clean up to the best of my ability. Is there some rule which states that the first guy...
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Big tits under see thru lace threaten to upstage Alexandra Daddario's speech

I have to believe Alexandra Daddario knows what she's doing when she decides to put on a top like the one she was wearing for this event she attended today. She has to figure a healthy percentage of the folks listening to her talk have seen her do that full front and back nekkid thing on True Detective , and thus will inevitably find themselves lost in vivid memories of what those titties...
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Dakota Fanning gives good face in leather & lace for Elle Canada

The debate goes back and forth over the two sisters but when it comes to the art of cleaning up well for a fancy photoshoot, my heart will always pick Dakota Fanning . In the November 2016 issue of Elle Canada, the elder Fanning dons some gauzy peach see-through things, leather skirts and plenty of visible bra, all while making the most of her sharp cheekbones with some soft makeup...
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Demi Lovato trades in her black thong ass shots for white lace crotch shots

Demi Lovato seems to really know her audience. While in the states, you'll commonly see the lovely Latina showing off that ass of hers in that black leather getup with the thong creeping up the crack of her ass. So one must assume that the fine people of Vancouver, Canada have a thing for Demi's shapely thighs and creamy center. At a tour stop with Nick Jonas, Lovato traded out that...
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Sophie Simmons was kind enough to forget her shirt at the Maxim Hot 100 bash

I don't understand why we have to refer to Sophie Simmons as a "plus-sized" model. She's 5'8", which is standard beginning height for models. She's fit, with a strong, lean body that might not be flashing ribs when she twists at the waist, so I'm just going to assume that it's in reference to the fact that Sophie has a personality, which is a plus. She speaks her mind, which is a huge plus....
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Demi Lovato rises her charitable thickness up on Florida concert stage

Thankfully I missed a lot of that wave of Disney stars that grew up in the Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers/Camp Rock era. I'm not sad that I missed it, considering that every other tabloid story revolved around those wacky millionaire kids getting into rich, spoiled kid problems. What I am glad to see is that a number of them have moved on past those not-so-auspicious beginnings, including the...
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Model Bryana Holly does her best work in the bedroom

That sounds more derogatory than it was supposed to, but as I see it Bryana Holly really does seem to do her best work when laid out on a bed in something povocative, as she is for this line of Lauren Engel lingerie. You may have seen our many posts of this particularly alluring hottie doing her thing in recent years. If not, look them up because she really is one of the better hotties...
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Lizzy Caplan wears a see-through lace dress for Lula & we're all winners

Those great big eyes of Lizzy Caplan's hold my attention nearly as well as that beautiful rack of hers that she loves to show off, which is quite a feat. Not to be confused with fete, although I definitely love to celebrate this wry, charming actress whenever I get the chance. And we're all going to get the chance to check out Lizzy as she steps into the role of Lula for the upcoming NOW...
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Charlie Riina in leather and lace bikinis is as awesome as it sounds

Here we are with another egregious waste of water from marketing department at 138 Water. Well, maybe not a total waste. These are some pretty steamy photos of former Playboy Cybergirl Charlie Riina in a supple leather bikini. This girl is getting a lot of work recently; not just two days ago she was featured in a pictorial where raw meat was the only thing on the menu, now, she's...
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Jessica Chastain went independent with her award show hotness

One conspicuously absent face from this year's Oscars was Jessica Chastain . You'd think being a frequent nominee and a cast member in THE MARTIAN, one of this year's nominated best pictures, would pretty much require her to be there. Apparently not though. Instead, Jessica decided to show off her cleavage at the Independent Spirit Awards on the day before the Oscars. It seems two awards...
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