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Lady Gaga goes nearly make-upless to an outrageous art exhibit in the Hamptons

Lady Gaga is known for being the center of attention most places that she goes, but over the weekend she stopped by a "Heaven & Hell" art exhibit which made use of a lot of live, nude or partially nude models in different states of the aforementioned cloudy and hot places. The thing that caused the stir this time, if you can even call it one, is the fact that Miss Gaga showed up with bleached...

Lady Gaga is getting down to brass tacks - and a black bra - on the streets of NY

Why is it that no matter how many Smarties candies you eat, you never get any smarter? Off topic question because it's Friday and you have to read at my whim if you're looking for cheap entertainment while you watch the clock for your weekends. What's cool is that, yes, I know the difference between the Smarties candies that they have in the US and the chocolate Smarties candies that they have...

Lady Gaga brazenly struts NY streets in a mesh dress after calling America "Home of the Gay"

This is the kind of stuff that I just can't process. Apparently, Lady Gaga appeared at a Gay Pride Rally in New York on Friday, having been invited to sing the National Anthem. This was the first appearance out for the singer since she underwent hip surgery earlier in the year. Now the conservatives who wouldn't have supported or been at or pissed on one of the attendees if they were on fire,...

Hey, Lady Gaga actually looks kind of sorta nice and stuff

Apparently, when Lady Gaga isn’t wrapped up like a Christmas present in bloody tampons, or whatever she likes to wear these days, she actually looks pretty nice. While I would never consider her “gorgeous” the singer definitely has a body on her and I think this may be the first time that I’ve seen a legitimate smile behind those big lips of hers. The future MACHETE...

Lady Gaga busted a seam trying to be Anne Hathaway for Vancouver concert goers

So, um, yeah... Lady Gaga kicked off her latest tour in Vancouver this week and whether it was from the pride she'd been talking about having for recently kicking a long ongoing battle with an eating disorder or one too many tropical drinks while she partied on her time off or, knowing the controversy-seeking singer, it was all an intentional plan, Gaga split the back seam of her fake...

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