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Lana Del Rey is finally allowing us to get a lot closer than we have before

Say what you will about Lana Del Rey and her music (I remember hearing BORN TO DIE for the first time and thinking it was a joke, but the more I listened to her, the more I understood her style and now it's really not so bad..), but there's little to be said that's negative about those facial features of hers. Those giant, classic eyes and perfect lips of hers are stuff...
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December is the perfect time for Lana Del Rey pics galore

I know that she can be totally sexy sometimes, but I'm still not exactly sure how I feel about Lana Del Rey . Honestly, whenever I see her or hear her music, I'm just reminded of my ex-girlfriend since she listened to her 24/7 and it kind of puts me in a bad mood. Bah, I'm just kidding! I've never had a girlfriend… Anyway, while Lana does kind of remind me of Ivanna...
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Battle of the Babes Popstar Edition: Lana del Rey vs Joss Stone vs Jessie J

( Hey: I'm still doing quarter-finals here. It's an ultimate battle of popstars and we're only 4 rounds in, in case you needed the reminder to follow along. Thank you. ) I didn't think that Avril Lavigne still had as strong of a following in the hottie department, but after last week's battle of the Canadian pop stars, I guess I was wrong. Even still, Avril LOST to Nelly Furtado who...
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See Lana Del Rey go househunting! Almost see up Lana Del Rey's skirt!

The last time I posted about Lana Del Rey , feelings were mixed regarding how she looked on the set of her latest video . Looking more her normal self here as she goes househunting in Los Angeles, the singer *nearly* suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction as she bent over into her convertible to look for something. And the paps were right there looking for something as well. Hell, I like me a...
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Lana Del Rey goes stripper chic on the set of her latest video

Can't say I'm a huge enough fan of Lana Del Rey to find these images of the UK singing sensation filming a new music video in the hot, hot valley area of California, in the barren wasteland that is Chatsworth (mostly known for being a porn capital our stateside) all that titillating. The thing is, most of the time that I see pictures of Del Rey, she looks quite a bit more conservative here,...
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